The queen of Transcendence Pop graces her presence on Exposed Vocals once more

Ingrid’s music career started in Europe traveling with a band performing for the American Forces in Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey. She relocated with her husband to Florida, USA and started a jewelry company with Walt Disney Corporation, after her mom died and her daughter got married she decided to go back into the music business, creating and writing songs, collaborating with other musicians and composers. She calls her genre Transcendence Pop, some of her style go in to EDM, but every song has a message and a meaning. All her recordings are done at Deltona Records Recording Studios in Deltona, Florida with award winning producer Frank Starchak. Ingrid’s songs are about E-motions, about daily situations, inner dreams and desires. She will publish her CD in the summer of 2017, her songs are already on itunes , deezer and spotify …. And on most popular music platforms all over the world. She is also a writer for a weekly online music magazin MCLINE with the newest information from the music world.

“I AM is a story, the story of all of us …the decision maker ….the oracle in our soul and heart ….the third Eye of knowledge , the all knowing, the question of the purpose of our being, are we only a product of teaching ? Can we find peace and happiness in the 21st century without feeling guilty …. some of us are fortunate, some of us feel punished ….just feel still for a minute and listen to the music and the lyrics …. and the answer might be in you …. it is you.”

– Music by Michael Wallace and lyrics by Michael Wallace and inspirational thoughts by Ingrid Smith, music producer Frank Starchak production

I AM – The sound is captivating! Romantic love and sex are seen as the harbingers of an ultimate transcendent reality, where the physical reaches the spiritual. With raw, honest lyrics like:

“But listen… really listen now / do not judge / don’t be a fool “

This wonderful enlightening track forces you to really focus on the now… as you start to question your time here right now. This really is the story of us all. The third eye of knowledge and it truly is in all of us. This is truly an epic performance by Ingrid as she leads our ears though this gateway to higher consciousness, an extension of the I AM… A connected universe. As we sit here in our office and listen to this track on full blast (we literally did this) When all your senses are in alignment and you are connected to all that is, outside the human realm, into the divine, everything is possible and you can transcend the body, time, and space. Thank you for sharing this with us, Ingrid. It really was an “eye opening experience” Pun intended!