Music Review for ‘Election Day’ by Nick DeStefano and The Spiders

An immense rock track of absolute power from Nick DeStefano here. The live sound and vibe instantly puts you in the centre of the action, the distorted riffs are loaded with character, the drums crash out with a wonderful meeting of strength and style – everything good rock and roll music should be. Soon enough you get that lead vocal, a massive sounding verse, followed by an even bigger sounding chorus or hook section – this track gets the audience involved, the anthemic chanting of that hook line is a huge boost in making you feel really a part of the music and the moment.

The guitars sound sublime, skilfully and smoothly expressing that all important rock sound, that heaviness, that stylish noise that rock fans love so intensely. The instrumental break in this track is quite beautiful, it sort of feels like the final few corners of a high speed race, it lets you drift off into that alternative space and really dream big as the music washes over you. In essence, this track is all the best parts of rock and roll, with some real meaning behind it as well – a little bit of lyrical depth and relevance, just to top it all off. You feel like celebrating when you listen, and the subject matter sort of emphasises or even justifies that feeling for you.


A superbly powerful and easy to listen to leading vocal, some great harmonies and additional moments of sound and expression. It’s a really strong song, memorable after just one listen, and all the more addictive and captivating the more you return it. At times that classic rock and roll sound is replaced by a sort of nu-metal or even punk rock kind of performance – the stop and start nature of the guitars and drums in that hook, between the vocal moments, really gives it that modern edge, that touch of freshness to keep it feeling brand new, and yet secure in it’s inherent ability to do the very best it can at what it does. All that is rock music, with meaning, and feeling.

By Rebecca Cullen