“is it a brilliant masterpiece? Absolutely. ” Emiko with “Simple Love”

There’s only one question that really needs to be asked of Simple Love: is it a brilliant masterpiece?

…or merely very, very good? The title alone is enough to send the “true love” enthusiasts in the world into a foamy-mouthed, epileptic frenzy. I mean, love is simple, right? Let’s dig into it!

You see, I have this theory that music critics are suckers for novelty, and there isn’t much in this world that’s more novel than “Simple Love”  it sounds like they approached this ridiculously ambitious project with the most casual of airs, idly plucking melody after divine melody out of the air like low-hanging fruit from a tree. It’s how pop music should sound, really: so natural and feather-light that you never notice the amount of effort that went into it.

Throughout the song Emiko details the raw emotions of a romance, finding the simplicity and making promises like:

“This is my life long promise I make to you”

Emiko’s simplistic approach gives weight to her bittersweet lyricism, making for a stirring ode to her definition of “Simple Love.”

What is displayed in this track describes an incredible true love. The thought of seeing his pain brings her to tears. So, is it a brilliant masterpiece? Exposed Vocals gives it a firm YES.

This is a killer track from an artist that has already fully honed her sound. The dichotomy of strings and piano with Emiko’s vulnerable singing works well and I’d expect this band to go on to big things soon.

By Heather M. 

Music and Fashion Blogger