Daria Tara / Rose Shadows EP “a necessary human touch to an otherwise electronically led world of ambiance. “

The music on this EP has both a lightness and weight to it simultaneously. This is to say that the overall ambiance has a dreamlike and peaceful aura about it, yet the music is vast and loaded with instrumentation, and the build up to the hook sections add a huge impact that draws the music away from the ambient and way into the depths of big pop ballad or summer dance land. The opening track is a great way to introduce the all at once complex and peaceful sound of the collection. It’s one of those songs that surrounds you in music and a certain level of emotion, and that’s before you even focus in on the lyrics.

Listen to the EP – Rose Shadows

As you start to explore the lines and the ideas presented by the songwriting throughout this collection there are some deeply personal revelations. This adds a necessary human touch to an otherwise electronically led world of ambiance. It’s enjoyable to witness, and track two of the collection has a superb melody and a wonderful string of lyrics that draw you in and keep your attention throughout.



The music is complex, as mentioned, but it’s ever interesting and every moment is different and unexpected. On the whole what you get is a creatively free collection of tracks that keep things very real by offering such an intense level of lyricism, so many lines and ideas, so many personal thoughts, so much honesty and reflective poetry, that it connects with its listeners in a way that is impossible to predict.


There are some awesomely melodic moments and there are some truly beautiful instrumental build ups, all of which suggests that a live show from those involved would make for a pretty unforgettable night. This meeting of the real and the electronic has been really well executed.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing

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