Marley Millz – Underwater ” the perfect kind of backdrop for the approaching summer months.”

Underwater has a great vibe to it, the perfect kind of backdrop for the approaching summer months. The organic sound of the instrumentation gives of a big band, in the moment sort of energy. The beat has a lightness to it that adds to a very positive and mellow vibe. Then you get this thoroughly calm and confident leading vocal presenting these lyrics alongside all of this, and the whole thing just works.

The lyrics have a certain joyfulness and optimism about them that fits well with the vibe. If you listen well it makes you feel generally better about the day and life on the whole. There’s a new approach to the ideas presented, simple things like the way each line is expressed, the way the concept of looking for true love has been touched upon, focused on by a simple bit of repetition and a pause – it leaves the line lingering in your mind after listening. Moments like this appear throughout the track and it hopefully leaves listeners feeling hopeful and happy. The artist’s use of both the rap approach and a sung melody is a huge part of what makes the track so easy going and effective. There’s skill in the performance, there’s passion and energy, but it all comes in the form of a calmness, a laid back kind of atmosphere, and this passes on to you as you listen.


There’s always a need for positivity in music, particularly in hip-hop. Everything about this track makes it worthy of way more than a single listen. The hook has, again, an effective simplicity to it, and yet there’s enough change between this and the surrounding vocal sections to keep it interesting and entertaining from start to finish. The artist has a likeable and enjoyable leading vocal.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.