The Spiders – Another Mile “The leading riff of the track has an indie anthem kind of vibe to it”

The Spiders bring a very raw and organic rock and roll energy to the stage that feels very genuine. The track has the sound of folk rock to it in that you can picture a full band set up or equally something much smaller, both of which would represent the concept, the melodies and the riffs effectively. The music has a fast pace to it, there’s very little space between vocal moments, apart from the humble and hugely fitting guitar solo and harmonies towards the end. This approach works here because the chord progression has such a warmth and positivity to it. It also works because the repeated idea of ‘another mile, another mile’ is represented well in the ongoing, unflinching rhythm of the piece.

The leading riff of the track has an indie anthem kind of vibe to it, this too adds to the memorable nature of the song. The hook perhaps becomes a little overbearing on its own as the track fades out, an additional line alongside it might have brought some sort of respite, but that’s only in respect of it being a recording – it’s easy to imagine a live show, as mentioned, and no doubt audiences would revel in these final few moments and the track would be a huge success.


The verses to the track are great, very honest, and very intimately recorded so as to add to that genuine and accessible vibe that the song consistently offers. The storytelling is believable and easy to get into, and the freshness of the lyrics in the verses contrasts really well with the high energy of the hook. The second verse also actually contrasts well with the first, in terms of the switch from the reflective truth what is possible – having a positive mindset, keeping your eye on the goal, continuing to run and never looking back.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.