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  • "Kairos The Writer"‏

    "Kairos The Writer"‏

    "great experience, S/O to Rebecca Cullen for the great review. made me want to re-listen to my music all over again and again..."

  • Ingrid Smith

    Ingrid Smith

    "One of the best experiences I had and the reason why is, that I knew right away that that the person who wrote the review really listened !"

  • Chief Louie ™

    Chief Louie ™

    "Professional team that knows what they're doing, and I appreciated all the hard work that they put forward!!"

  • Thousand Times

    Thousand Times

    "An awesome PR company!!!"

  • The Magnum Font

    The Magnum Font

    "I have used it multiple times already and I love it! The reviews are so detailed and it shows that our songs have been listened to properly."

  • Lyryca‏


    "We're very satisfied with the exposure and what Exposed Vocals made for us, it totally helped us growing our fan-base and we're very grateful"

  • Within Shadows‏

    Within Shadows‏

    "We love you guys!"

  • Alex Ryder

    Alex Ryder

    "Awesome! Professional & fun to work with, please check them out and help support people who recognize artists to get heard globally!"

  • Cara-Mel‏


    "Great company! Very professional from what I've experienced. They provide quality exposure to aid in building your music portfolio"

  • Chan Gibbons

    Chan Gibbons

    "Exposed Vocals are very professional and friendly! I really enjoyed my experience!"

  • Omega Smokey

    Omega Smokey

    "I really think this is a great and probably THE BEST way to get your music out to the world. Thanks guys!"

  • Earl Adamant Allen

    Earl Adamant Allen

    "Exposed Vocals was an exceptional experience. Communication was great. I highly recommend there services to aspiring hip-hop artist"

  • IG:@ImTheRealSpliff


    "Best blog site out there!"

  • Bianca Modesti

    Bianca Modesti

    "Extremely professional team that willingly help independent artists in anyway they can. They provided great exposure! Very satisfied!"

  • Sean Farias‏

    Sean Farias‏

    "You guys did an amazing job! So glad I found you a while back!"

  • Jamol Jupitur‏

    Jamol Jupitur‏

    "You guys are GREAT and did an awesome job with my interview."

  • Jennileigh


    "My music and Brand have received excellent exposure from this experience, and I would highly recommend other Indie Artists to participate!"

  • Ms.Mission


    "I was super impressed with the review I received, it was very detailed and you can tell they really took time to dissect all aspects."



    "I would recommend!!!"

  • Alexa Massie‏

    Alexa Massie‏

    "They helped me to get my music out there" 

  • Loretta's Only

    Loretta's Only

    "They did a great job and I would definitely recommend their services!"

  • Gregory D

    Gregory D & Company

    They did an awesome job writing a review on my latest project. Appreciate the work!!



    "Awesome Exposure!" 

  • Prince Santana‏

    Prince Santana‏

    "I had the best experience with Randy, he really provided the best service to me and I really think more artists should check them out"


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