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  • Tennessee-Whiskey

    The greatest Tennessee Whiskey cover we’ve ever heard. Dad becomes overnight sensation!

    This recording quite swiftly became probably the most famous Tennessee Whiskey cover of recent years, if not of all time. The reason for its success is clear, not only can the artist sing the track flawlessly, effortlessly, and with brilliant style, he’s also undoubtedly performing with absolute passion and genuine soul, and that’s something that […]

    4,140 total views, 1,449 views today

  • unnamed

    DecadeZ “Innocent” ft Too Short

    “Innocent” is directed by Ben Griffin, the man behind E-40’s gold record music video for ‘Choices’ as well as ‘Function’ ft. YG, IamSu and Problem. Having collaborated with artists such as E-40 and Too Short on their music video Slide Through (featuring Tyga), DecadeZ has garnered world-wide exposure with over 2-Million views on YouTube. Now, […]

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  • 2000x2000_Cover_Party_NewPhoto (1)

    Gold Standard LTD just had their hit single ‘Party Don’t Last’ Played on KISS 104.7 FM

    Click the audio below to hear the recorded broadcast! 17,547 total views, 2,844 views today

    17,547 total views, 2,844 views today

  • unnamed

    Carry Illinois “Electric Charm” EP Release show is 5/12 @ MOHAWK (AUSTIN) TX

    “is a heart-wrenching beautiful” – Huffington Post “simply touching and beautifully done.” – Paste Magazine “deeply moving” – Bitch Media “We’re totally smitten.” – Impose Magazine   Official VIMEO  Staff Pick!  EP Release show is 5/12 @ MOHAWK (AUSTIN) TX Click flyer for details!  BIO There’s no way to know what’s next when you lose a […]

    6,792 total views, 176 views today

  • Bother Me-500x500

    Bother Me by All Biz (Feat. Trey Dez & King Thrilla) ” a powerful and relevant concept in an era of rising entrepreneurship.”

    Bother Me by All Biz  (Feat. Trey Dez & King Thrilla) is a big track, a medium energy piece of music with a lot going on; well produced and polished. The leading hook that opens up the track has a mellow vibe about it that contrasts with the energy of the music a little,  the vocal […]

    6,157 total views, 173 views today

  • stephaniebraganzachainsofsilencesinglecover

    Chains of Silence (Official Music Video – with VEGAN GAINS) – STEPHANIE BRAGANZA

    Canadian singer songwriter Stephanie Braganza has released the official music video for her new rock single, ‘Chains of Silence.’ The animal rights-themed video’s release coincides with World Day for Farmed Animals (WDFA), which was founded in 1983. The new single is a jaw-dropping story of an alien abduction with a surprising twist. The thought-provoking video […]

    8,284 total views, 194 views today

  • unnamed

    Blacktop Mojo “Where The Wind Blows”

    Seamlessly blending melody with adrenaline fueled, heavy rock and roll, Blacktop Mojo draws in everyone from old metal heads to people whose radio dials have never left top 40 stations. With soaring, gritty vocals and impeccably blended heavy guitar grooves set around a raucous southern stomp, Blacktop Mojo’s live shows are sure to leave fans’ […]

    17,313 total views, 170 views today

  • unnamed

    New Video! Omar Alhindi “Lust”

    Omar Alhindi is the next big thing in pop music. The central California-born pop artist started his burgeoning music career young, signing with Tyme Records at only fifteen years old. An emotional storyteller, he combines unforgettable pop melodies with emotional experiences pulled from his own life — a winning combination of sonic aesthetics and audience […]

    16,349 total views, 170 views today

  • png

    “a consistent smoothness about it” Nick Kortex – The Cornerstone Of House

    Nick Kortex’ new track achieves a good balance between the thought provoking power of poetry, spoken word, and the classic, calming ambiance of relaxed house music. The track has an interesting structure to it, speaking in terms of the production – there are moments of full volume, full bounce, however still always light in nature […]

    19,921 total views, 170 views today

  • body language variante 2 jpg (1)

    WicoSanii – Body Language “creative and passionate and free of the confines of genre”

    Body Language is a fairly instantly attention grabbing track, primarily for its industrial meets ambient backdrop, yet also for the top layer vocal performance that acts as something of a dramatic monologue driving the music along. The vocal style remains consistent throughout, the sound of the voice and the choice of tone and emphasis throughout […]

    8,133 total views, 170 views today

  • cd cover(1)

    ” powerfully atmospheric music that expresses the very complex and intricate nature of creative production” Rizzo Robby – “I Don’t Know”

    This is a powerfully atmospheric music that expresses the very complex and intricate nature of creative production. The track unfolds as something of a combination of peaceful, synth-driven ambiance, and industrial, almost other-worldly rhythms and reverb. It’s an unusual fusion of styles and ideas, but all of this is second to the fact that music […]

    10,550 total views, 170 views today

  • 14657274_10154263318172087_6864131666016465345_n

    Blue Nation – Stay With Me “hard hitting, emotional and hugely passionate song”

    Stay With Me is a powerful, melodic rock track that first opens up in a very vulnerable and intimate way and shortly afterwards evolves into this hard hitting, emotional and hugely passionate song. The structure of the track has been thoughtfully arranged so as to really let each section and each moment shine with a […]

    18,987 total views, 170 views today

  • 1

    Exclusive interview and music review with Gojko for ‘Luxury”

    This is a pretty fresh and interesting track. At first instinct the sounds that emerge appear to be hinting that some sort of trance or happy hardcore dance track is about to emerge, yet fairly quickly there’s a distinct touch of the oriental in there, and actually this meeting of instrumentation works well. The fusion […]

    17,398 total views, 191 views today

  • unnamed

    Corrington Wheeler “Your Erroneous Evil”

    Corrington Wheeler is a Post-Hardcore solo artist from Houston, TX with a supporting band. His music draw influence from philosphy, western esotericism and masonry. He first released an EP on 10/28/15 called “Traveling East” with producers Justin Kyle of Jamie’s Elsewhere and Eric Ferraro of Asmara. His newest album “Seeking Ligh” released March 15, 2017 […]

    13,815 total views, 173 views today

  • unnamed

    New Video! King Joel “Let Us Breathe” (New Music Video!)

    Born Joel Oladayo Lasile, King Joel is from a Royal family of Kings and Kingmakers in Nigeria. He was raised in Ojuelegba, where he lived before moving permanently to the U.S. King Joel has always been good with his use of words and was renown in college for sports and writing. After joining The University […]

    2,435 total views, 167 views today

  • unnamed

    Baggi featuring Sylvia Tosun “Time Painter” (Official Video)

    Dutch Producer/DJ Baggi and New York singer-songwriter Sylvia Tosun come together for an ethereal and seductive masterwork, “Time Painter,” out now via AFTR:HRS. The soothing yet powerful vocals of Tosun elevate the new version beyond expectations, creating a deep and sultry dance track guaranteed to play at festivals all around the globe. “Time Painter”, a […]

    5,949 total views, 170 views today

  • unnamed

    Monday Justice ft. Snoop Dogg “California”

    Monday Justice is a singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. His new single « CALIFORNIA » is hitting the radio across the country. This new single is an extract from his forth-coming album “MONDAY“.  He has worked and collaborated with many artists from the likes of Kevin Little, Snoop Dogg, Spragga Benz, Rihanna and many […]

    8,451 total views, 170 views today

  • unnamed

    Johnny Britt & his 9 piece band will be Performing LIVE in NYC this Wednesday 4/12 @ The Cutting Room

    Featuring selections from the “Marvin Meets Miles” album and the lead single “You Sure Love To Ball”   Tune in to KERI’s KORNER on FloEmpireRadio.com Tonight Monday 8pm -10pm EST for a live interview & selections from “Marvin Meets Miles Marvin Gaye and Miles Davis never performed together on the same stage, but Imagine if they […]

    7,946 total views, 167 views today

  • unnamed

    Garan’te “Safe Talk” Official Music Video

    Poised to make his mark on the game, hip hop artist Garan’te is pleased to announce the release of the Official Music Video for “Safe Talk”, off his album Common Courtesy, available now. Directed by Colton Visuals and shot in an abandoned warehouse, the stunning visuals deliver an intimate and pensive vibe where Garan’te conveys […]

    6,951 total views, 167 views today

  • bacb23d151be80a9fb0b7fac84217c92

    Perren Street Parade Murmurs & Moans “has something of a hypnotic effect”

    Murmurs & Moans is a comforting sort of indie track right from the offset. The sound of the acoustic guitar adds a warmth that is soon enough energised by the leading vocal performance and the consistent rhythm of its delivery. The guitar riff that runs throughout gets caught in your mind almost instantly, and in […]

    6,115 total views, 170 views today

  • Matt x2 in Logo

    Matt O’Keefe – Too Late

    Matt O’Keefe combines a very natural talent and beauty with knowledgeable and experienced musicianship for his latest track. The music opens up in a very organic and peaceful manner, though there’s a distinct weight to the track almost instantly, a certain polish and level of passion that separates it from the often much gentler, whisper […]

    16,937 total views, 173 views today

  • 15895547_1711075702536014_6997040991938660111_o

    Big Mix – ‘Mocking Bird Freestyle’ Cover

    For those of you living under a rock, let me breakdown this track: “Mockingbird” is a song by rapper Eminem from his fifth studio album Encore (2004). It was released as the fifth single from the album in April 2005. It peaked at number eleven on the Billboard Hot 100, and number four in the […]

    13,940 total views, 170 views today

  • unnamed

    Robin Mossing “Won’t Keep You Waiting”

    Robin Mossing’s love for music began at the early age of six when he started his keyboard lessons. His incredible work ethic earned him top-level trainers who rapidly excelled him through the Royal Conservative Piano Training. Robin then began to perfect his writing skills. After penning “The Pages Turn,” A&M Records took notice and signed […]

    14,171 total views, 167 views today

  • unnamed

    Juan100 “That’s My Bae” ‘on a mission to change stereotypes’

    Juan100 is a rapper and songwriter from Toledo, Ohio, who’s on a mission to change stereotypes, set new standards and bring a whole new approach to music within the rap industry. In a world that often paints artists as uneducated and in a negative light, Juan100 is a college graduate who many consider to be […]

    9,984 total views, 185 views today

  • Suge-Knight-and-Tupac-Shakur-602550

    Tupac was killed by accident in “botched assassination”

    The former boss of Death Row Records – who was with 2pac the night he was murdered – has reportedly backed a new documentary about the killing. The film Tupac Assassination: Battle for Compton suggests Knight – who is behind bars awaiting a separate murder trial – was the real target of the drive-by. It […]

    20,606 total views, 170 views today

  • Outside Talking Cover

    Zenas “Shinzou” Jones Veil (Prod. By Zenas Jones) “the spoken word adds an element of reality”

    The track has a great vibe and atmosphere about it from the offset. The ambiance of the musical backdrop is kept to a minimal just for that intro section, the spoken word adds an element of reality, of drama and intensity, and this contrasts well with the peaceful and dreamlike soundscape behind it. As the […]

    12,528 total views, 179 views today

  • unnamed

    Garan’te “Safe Talk”

    Poised to make his mark on the game, hip hop artist Garan’te is pleased to announce the release of the Official Music Video for “Safe Talk”, off his album Common Courtesy, available now. Directed by Colton Visuals and shot in an abandoned warehouse, the stunning visuals deliver an intimate and pensive vibe where Garan’te conveys […]

    13,928 total views, 170 views today

  • unnamed

    Jimmy La-Mer “Zone”

    “Zone” is an expression of Jimmy’s deepest thoughts on his directions in life. Him just wanting space to find himself from within. “Everyone needs there own space sometime, Just to get away from society and the actions in our everyday life. I wanted to paint a Picasso so I did it through Soul and rhythm […]

    25,283 total views, 167 views today

  • pasbw

    Cosmic Zimmer “Drunk But Not Wasted” “Comes across as something of a dream”

    Music Review and Exclusive Interview with Cosmic Zimmer iTunes Amazon Cosmic Zimmer is actually a really strong name to represent this music. The initial opening to Almost Bedtime has something of a cosmic ‘shimmer’ about it, strangely enough, though the leading vocal and indeed the r&b style of the melody come quite unexpectedly. The track […]

    23,753 total views, 170 views today

  • unnamed

    Johnny Britt “You Sure Love To Ball”

    Marvin Gaye and Miles Davis never performed together on the same stage, but Imagine if they did…  Singer/ Trumpeter Johnny Britt inspired by Marvin and Miles has produced a dynamic show and album bringing the influence of these two giants into one conceptual album titled, MARVIN MEETS MILES VOL 1.  In 2017, Johnny Britt scored […]

    15,277 total views, 173 views today

  • TDG

    Tiro De Gracia – El Juego Verdadero “intense and powerful” with Exclusive Interview!

    The track has the awesome high energy of any great and classic hip-hop project. The music brings the vibes required to really get into the zone and appreciate the lyrics and the passion. The music in fact leans a little towards the pop side of things, there’s a definite sense of melody to the riffs, […]

    21,959 total views, 167 views today

  • ShaSha_Press3

    Exposed Vocals Exclusive! Sha Sha Jones “Goals” (Go Out and Love Somebody)

    Since a young age, Shaunice, Sha Sha Jones, has had a stellar way of expressing that she will continue to be the star on a rise. Born in Oklahoma City, her mother recognized and encouraged her talents of singing and writing talent early on; After spending long hours learning from local producers Sha Sha trained […]

    4,546 total views, 173 views today

  • unnamed

    Wayne Olivieri “You Gotta Work”

    Wayne is a Jersey Boy born and bred!! Wayne Olivieri (Wayne O) has been singing since the fourth grade when he joined the Saint Mary’s Boys Choir in Plainfield, NJ. He grew up singing at church every Sunday and performing concerts with the choir. After 8th grade he started his first band and never looked […]

    1,917 total views, 167 views today

  • unnamed

    Insite-Records proudly announces the release of the new music video for ‘John’s Crossing’ “The Living God”

    Insite-Records proudly announces the release of the new music video for “The Living God” by John’s Crossing – off their debut album available at www.insiterecords.com. John’s Crossing is a Christian Rock band featuring John Albino: Writer, producer, vocalist and extraordinary guitarist, Bridget Larson: Vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist, and the legendary lead guitarist from rock group […]

    2,273 total views, 170 views today

  • unnamed

    Kataztrofee “Now” “compelling energy, brilliant aura, and innovative thinking”

    Kataztrofee is an American Hip-Hop duo consisting of Fort Worth natives, Eric “Victory” Johnson and Shannon “Mr Arrogant” Speed. Their assured demeanor, compelling energy, brilliant aura, and innovative thinking separate them from any Joe Blow up and coming rapper, as well as veterans before them. Since the duo released their first single, Polo Polo Polo […]

    8,519 total views, 167 views today

  • rp-cover-final

    Cara-Mel – Back To The Grind “putting in the time before you can reap the rewards”

    This track has a heavy and intense ambiance to it from the very first few moments. The energy is high, the vibe is dark and impossible to ignore, though despite the darkness of the synths and the thickness of the beat and the bass, the lyrics portray the importance of work ethic, of putting in […]

    9,441 total views, 167 views today

  • unnamed

    New music video – Bushrah “Surrender”

    Bushrah is an English singer, songwriter and dancer born and raised in Dudley, England.  She started performing in school demonstrating Arabic and Indian influences with beautiful belly dancing abilities.  Bushrah was born to a Kenyan mother and Indian father, in which she honors both her African and Indian heritage in her music fused with pop. Her […]

    2,047 total views, 167 views today

  • Alum Art

    Voices Of Terror – Not Human “a very fresh and incomparable sense of style”

    Voices Of Terror are an alternative hip-hop duo comprised of Mike Walker and Zero. Their latest project is a collection of unique tracks, each exploratory and somewhat experimental musically, and each hugely passionate in terms of the performances and the lyricism offered up by the artists. The opening and title track talks of having no […]

    7,633 total views, 167 views today

  • unnamed

    Trub “Four Five” “a culture where sex, drugs, politics, violence and money dominate the music industry”

    In a culture where sex, drugs, politics, violence and money dominate the music industry, T.R.U.B. brings the TRUTH in an incredible sound based on what’s hot without conforming to unenthusiastic Hip-Hop trends. “I produce REAL music conveys an image of hope, pride, and fun with an emphasis on hard work and effort that leads to […]

    2,081 total views, 173 views today

  • rrr

    Timothy Israel – Heaven “The music takes you away”

    Beautiful song, immediately pulls you in despite the simplicity of the sound – the simple strumming of an acoustic guitar when executed effectively, with the right mix of chords, the right level of passion, is enough to set the scene well in music. The leading vocal performance that comes in soon enough is a welcome […]

    1,959 total views, 170 views today

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