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  • "Kairos The Writer"‏

    "Kairos The Writer"‏

    "great experience, S/O to Rebecca Cullen for the great review. made me want to re-listen to my music all over again and again..."

  • Ingrid Smith

    Ingrid Smith

    "One of the best experiences I had and the reason why is, that I knew right away that that the person who wrote the review really listened !"

  • Chief Louie ™

    Chief Louie ™

    "Professional team that knows what they're doing, and I appreciated all the hard work that they put forward!!"

  • Thousand Times

    Thousand Times

    "An awesome PR company!!!"

  • The Magnum Font

    The Magnum Font

    "I have used it multiple times already and I love it! The reviews are so detailed and it shows that our songs have been listened to properly."

  • Lyryca‏


    "We're very satisfied with the exposure and what Exposed Vocals made for us, it totally helped us growing our fan-base and we're very grateful"

  • Within Shadows‏

    Within Shadows‏

    "We love you guys!"

  • Alex Ryder

    Alex Ryder

    "Awesome! Professional & fun to work with, please check them out and help support people who recognize artists to get heard globally!"

  • Cara-Mel‏


    "Great company! Very professional from what I've experienced. They provide quality exposure to aid in building your music portfolio"

  • Chan Gibbons

    Chan Gibbons

    "Exposed Vocals are very professional and friendly! I really enjoyed my experience!"

  • Omega Smokey

    Omega Smokey

    "I really think this is a great and probably THE BEST way to get your music out to the world. Thanks guys!"

  • Earl Adamant Allen

    Earl Adamant Allen

    "Exposed Vocals was an exceptional experience. Communication was great. I highly recommend there services to aspiring hip-hop artist"

  • IG:@ImTheRealSpliff


    "Best blog site out there!"

  • Bianca Modesti

    Bianca Modesti

    "Extremely professional team that willingly help independent artists in anyway they can. They provided great exposure! Very satisfied!"

  • Sean Farias‏

    Sean Farias‏

    "You guys did an amazing job! So glad I found you a while back!"

  • Jamol Jupitur‏

    Jamol Jupitur‏

    "You guys are GREAT and did an awesome job with my interview."

  • Jennileigh


    "My music and Brand have received excellent exposure from this experience, and I would highly recommend other Indie Artists to participate!"

  • Ms.Mission


    "I was super impressed with the review I received, it was very detailed and you can tell they really took time to dissect all aspects."



    "I would recommend!!!"

  • Alexa Massie‏

    Alexa Massie‏

    "They helped me to get my music out there" 

  • Loretta's Only

    Loretta's Only

    "They did a great job and I would definitely recommend their services!"

  • Gregory D & Company

    Gregory D & Company

    They did an awesome job writing a review on my latest project. Appreciate the work!!



    "Awesome Exposure!" 

  • Prince Santana‏

    Prince Santana‏

    "I had the best experience with Randy, he really provided the best service to me and I really think more artists should check them out"


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The bottom line is, we’re musicians, authors and artists just like you! The only difference is that we’re highly trained in SEO, Web Development, Hosting and Authentic Music Promotion. We understand the “Unsigned Artist Struggle” and what it takes to pave your own path in a “DIY” way. However, “Do It Yourself” doesn’t mean you’re alone! We’re here with you every step of the way. 

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