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Music Video Hosting, Instant Industry Matching, Promotion and Sponsored Radio Play

Over 350,000 musicians use Exposed Vocals to upload new music videos, get interviewed and have their new music reviewed by our staff and played on FM Radio with one of our broadcast partners.

What makes Exposed Vocals different? 

Exclusive Opportunities

Exposed Vocals is dedicated to providing unsigned artists and music industry professionals with the tools they need to successfully connect in a professional way.

Powerful Marketing

By educating and providing real world exposure to major record labels, authentic social media outlets and Online/FM Radio Stations all over the world.

Innovative Platforms

Exposed Vocals aims to stimulate the natural interest in indie music fans by providing an easy to use platform for which members music, mostly underground, is easily accessible by general visitors.

“Some of the best music in the world is the music we never hear, because sometimes the most talented artists don’t get the break they deserve.”– Randy Morano, EV Founder.  

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