Triumph – Hit the Shadows “a creative outpouring of passionate feelings”

Triumph brings about the intensity and drama of heavy rock within the first few seconds of sound. The atmospheric soundscape that unfolds, the distortion, the choice of chords, the way all of this has been mixed to set a certain mood prepares you almost entirely for what is to follow. You can tell there will be a creative outpouring of passionate feelings and thoughts and that it will likely be expressed in a loud and somewhat epic manner.

As the track progresses, the initial leading vocal performance draws influence from some of the very first metal bands to make it big. Again, that drama, that theatrical approach to performance, is evident in the way the lines are delivered and in the way the voice ranges from the short to the tall with great precision and power. The riffs and the instrumentation surrounded the voices react well to the evolution of the song, the music and the writing work as one, and everything is performed brilliantly, with great skill.


The several sections of the song are also kept to a respectable length of time in each case, so you don’t get too much of the melody, you don’t get too much of the screams, you don’t get too much of anything. Even the guitar solo leading to the fade out is well placed and dynamic enough to keep things interesting and relevant – the melody played out by this fits professionally with the storyline and the mood of the music, as opposed to the guitarist merely veering off in some self indulgent direction to lay bare their own abilities. The track opens up, unfolds, develops, and closes down with great professionalism. There has been a lot of creative thought involved in crafting the final project, and it shows.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.

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