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    Shoutout to Exposed Vocals for the post, really appreciate the love.

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    Check out this sweet feature on Fullee Love 's new video for "Surfboard Cali" on Exposed Vocals

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    The Infinite Love Project is featured on Exposed Vocals. The EP can be purchased on iTunes or Google Play.

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    SD Creative Careers
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    David Kary
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    Down On Maddy
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    Shakeric L. Fennell
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    Anyone's Guess
    A female fronted #ALT/#Rock band from Orlando,FL
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    Aussie Groove Rock band | MISSION: To see faith put into action
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    I play guitar and write songs. Born in Granada living in L.A
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    Halo Circus
    Critically acclaimed bilingual alternative rock band
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    Singer-Songwriter & #GuitarPlayer with a Rock & Roll Hippy Soul.
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