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Exposed Vocals was designed with the “Do It Yourself” artist in mind. Our website is very easy to use and exposure opportunities are priced well below market value because we understand the “Unsigned Struggle” better than anyone. 
See below for more things you can do to help your music reach a wider audience. 

FREE Website

Designed by our staff! You just pay Hosting and Maintenance 

Includes Domain Name, Hosting,  eCommerce, SSL Certificate, 24/7 Support and Unlimited edits and much more!

Let us focus on your website so you can focus on what you do best. Making great music!


professional music exposure

Successful music promotion gets other people talking about you and your music.

Artist Interviews

Are you an unsigned artist with a story to tell? Grab your free interview publication right now. Tell us about yourself and give other struggling artists some DIY tips. This is a great opportunity to spread the news about new music releases and tour dates. 


More promotional Services 

We do much more than just host your music online. See below for more exposure opportunities like Music Video Uploads and FM Radio Play

Submit for Radio Play

Join our FM Broadcast Sponsorship  Program

Exposed Vocals offers real, organic and authentic promotion. We only work with radio broadcasters that have legitimate FM Signals and can offer proof-of-broadcast for our clients. 

Upload Your Music Videos

Our music Video Hub works just like YouTube (only easier). Just create your FREE account and paste the YouTube Link to as many videos as you want and they’re instantly published!

Discover New Artists & Bands

Our editorial staff has published music reviews and features for over 5,000 artists. Browse through our growing catalog of amazing new unsigned talent. Stream their music for free or help support them and buy a track or two!

FM Radio Play

Have you ever wanted to hear your music on the radio? How about your music reaching the ears of thousands of new people during their morning commute? Take a listen to some of our most recent sponsored airplays.


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We’d love to hear from you! Have a project that you’d like to start? Feel free to reach out to us. Don’t worry we won’t bite.  Just click the button below to get things started:

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