Music Review for Azucar Acida’s ‘El Blah Blah Blah’

As a piece of music, this track sets such a good vibe. The opening guitar riffs are so melodic and positive sounding, it gives off an almost piano ballad kind of feeling, but dowsed in distortion to add just enough of that rock edge to really make it appealing. The vocal has a lot of character to it, a deep tone, softly croaky, full of personality. The vocal melody as well, really easy to pick up and remember, becomes familiar very quickly – the whole track is effective in that it feels like a well known anthem once you’ve heard it all the way through.

That melody really, really sinks in – it gets you, and you won’t forget it in a hurry. The hook as well, the concept of ‘blah blah blah’ is equally memorable. The whole thing is a hit, very simplistic, technically, but it does everything you need it to do. It feels alternative, almost like something from the punk rock scene, but the music is gentle and melodic alongside of this that it’s fully accessible and easy to listen to.

If anything, the whole piece ends a little too quickly. The instrumental break seemed perhaps a little too much for a track that thrives on the brightness of it’s vocal hook and melody – a melodic bridge might have added a bit more, an altered melody just for a moment, then strike back to the familiar section. Having said that though, it’s always far better to leave the audience wanting more – rather than have them feeling like the track went on for too long. It’s got that anthemic feeling to it, so it’s likely to get the crowd singing along and dancing at live shows. The sound has quite a unique edge to it, which is great – you’d recognise the music as theirs, and hopefully you’d be keen to listen to more songs.

By Rebecca Cullen


Christian Collazos – Electric Guitar
Sergio Marucci – Bass
Jaime Rosales – Classic guitar, percussion and voice
Jonnathan Suarez – Keyboards
Morritz Berroes – Drums
Music and lyrics are by Jaime Rosales.
The song is available in and iTunes.