Music Review for Michelle Ward – I Love Him

The way this track opens up is a little reminiscent of the sort of smooth jazz vibes of the 80’s and early 90’s. The rest of the song follows a similar path, it gives off a cool and chilled out kind of mood – nice, smooth melodies, a certain stylish softness to everything, right the way through. The sound of the bass is a big part of what makes it work, the vocal harmonies are really strong as well. The keyboard perhaps sounds a little dated, a very simple loop that has quite a familiar rhythm to it, but that’s a perspective thing – when you listen to the simple beat, the warmth of that guitar solo, again, very smooth and jazz like, you’re less focused on the keys, and if anything, perhaps it could be a retro move and something that quite simply fits with the music at heart.

The vocal is brilliant, particularly as you get further and further into the song, really soulful and easy to listen to. The whole thing seems to sound better with ever moment, and not because of some overly catchy melody, or shouty, anthemic, audience grabbing moment, just because the music sounds good, and it makes you feel good to listen. It would fit well in an early 90’s movie, and I think that’s the kind of idea it conjures up at first, but for the most part – you can chill out to this kind of track on a summer’s day, and be done with your worries for a little while. Music doing what it does best. The vocal is really something to love, it has a refreshing sound to it, a classic, strong presentation, with lovely smooth tones and a fair bit of character as well. The vocal is almost definitely what makes this track stand out the most.

By Rebecca Cullen