Ms.Mission x Moe Beatz – Let The Beat Build “it feels like a quick burst of energy and inspiration”

The track has a musically retro sort of vibe to it, the quickness of the descending riff in the backdrop adds a high energy and intensity yet this alongside of the lightness of the beat makes for quite an easy going ambience, on top of which the vocal performances really get to embrace the space and the spotlight.

The two vocal parts contrast well with one another in a number of ways. The sound of the voices first of all, each has a lot of character and distinctive qualities about it, and furthermore the flow and the approach to expression, even the topics touched upon in their lines, all makes for two really different verses, both of which fit well into the vibe of the music. The contrast also helps with keeping things interesting throughout. Change is good, evolution within a track adds value, and the artists involved here execute it well.


The hook has the repetitive energy of any good rap song. The concept is massively unique and striking, it works effectively alongside the actually beat, the performances and the beat itself reflect and complement each other fairly consistently.


At less than three minutes long the track is fairly short, it feels like a quick burst of energy and inspiration, perhaps even a freestyle on occasion, though the lines all appear to have been thought out and well considered before recording. It would be great to hear more personality in future tracks, more of those stories that make the individual one of a kind. The vintage style of the beat is unusual and stands out quite well at the moment. A little more instrumental character could be a winner for future recordings as well, though the classic energy of hip-hop does stand fairly tall among a simple backdrop.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.


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