JLC – Michael Blackson “this is a track that needs to be felt as much as heard”

Positively dominating with its epic scope, JLC’s “Michael Blackson” goes for a heavy, force of nature sound. JLC’s grooves possess a tremendous amount of energy, while the beats hit hard. By far though the true highlight comes from JLC’s magnificent flow which unfurls over the course of the track. His vocals have a commanding presence while they rise above the rest of the piece, demanding attention with his forceful delivery. Embracing a defiant, celebratory sort of attitude the track rolls down with a clear-eyed intensity. His storytelling works wonders while the whole of the track comes together in a pitch-perfect sort of fashion.

Volume deserves to be absolutely blasted, for this is a track that needs to be felt as much as heard. Right from the beginning, JLC holds nothing back. Bass rumbles through with such power, helping to let the whole piece unfold with tremendous ease. The multifaceted, multilayered approach works wonders while JLC incorporates a wide slew of references into the mix. Opting for a kaleidoscopic effect works wonders while the whole of the track has such a vigor to it. Lending the track further strength is the way that the lyricism simply rushes by in a gorgeous blur. Melodies too neatly rest at the very center of the track, neatly tying everything together. By the very end of the track JLC nicely ties it all together in a way that feels deeply satisfying.

JLC’s “Michael Blackson” goes for a stately sort of anthem, one whose catchiness is undeniable.