Exposed Vocals just sat down to an interview with Atune “Talks July 11th release of Soul Tone”

Exposed Vocals: Can you please tell us about the name of your new album and the inspiration behind it?

[Soul Tone] Each song on this album relates to an emotional state. Specifically what I perceive as associating with the chakral centers in the body. So, from the top down, 7, something higher, 6, intuition, 5, expression, 4, love, 3, power, 2, sex, 1, family. Each of these experiences are soul tones. The music played by our emotions and journey through life.

Exposed Vocals: What is the official release date and where will the album be available?

July 11th and it will be available on all major platforms and my website. amazon, itunes, spotify, etc.

Exposed Vocals: What was the first concert you ever attended and did it inspire you to become a musician?

One of my very first memories of real live music was a blues festival my mom took me to out in the boonies in Washington state. There was this killer blue trio that had a stevie ray vaughn and double trouble vibe. He had the cordless guitar rig and went all over the audience. It was showmanship id never seen before. I was little maybe 7 or 8. I remember it was the first time i got to run around on my own a little bit. I met the band and got their autograph. That memory is still very vivid.

Exposed Vocals: What do you like to do in your free time when you’re not playing music? Any hobbies?

When Im not working on music i love to garden. This year i have cherry tomatoes, green beans, snap peas, cucumber, guava, sugar cane and banana. I find gardening very therapeutic. I also love photography, specifically portraits. I also like skateboarding, snowboarding and im trying to conquer surfing.

Exposed Vocals: Any favorite song off of the new album?

I am very happy with my vocal performance on “windows down.” That song has a nice groove.

Exposed Vocals: Do you write from your own personal experiences?

My songwriting is predominately from personal experience. I write from the struggles in my life i can’t find the words for. A song can be a catalyst for a pure and simple expression of something holding you down.

Exposed Vocals: Please share with us some of your favorite songwriters.

I love the songwriting of Radiohead. There is a sophistication and looseness and confidence to their songs. I like non traditional song writing. I was a huge Mars Volta fan when they dropped back in the day. I also love the simplicity of groups like the black keys and the white stripes.

Exposed Vocals: You currently live in LA. Tell our readers some of the pros and cons of living in Los Angeles as an independent musician.

LA has been wonderful for me. I’ve never found it easier to meet musicians or get rehearsal space. For me, this town has been built for music. It is a through line for the whole entertainment industry. The traffic though, is no joke. I routinely drive 2 to 3 hours a day if I don’t plan well or have an obligation at traffic time. People also dont drive well. I had never had an accident and in 5 years ive had 3 accidents. I just got hit yesterday. Luckily, everyone was ok.

Exposed Vocals: Where will you be traveling on tour?

Ill be traveling up the west coast. Hitting the main hubs, SF, portland, seattle and alot of nice places in between.

Exposed Vocals: Anything you would like to share with our readers?

Performances in 20 days and im hoping to get a few more in there.  If you are on the west coast I really hope we can connect while im tour. I would also just like to say thank you to all the wonderful people who i have met along this journey and continue to support the arts.