Drae Singleton – Watching “trip-hop soundscape, but with a little jazz thrown in for good measure.”

The track has a really smooth, easy going vibe that’s well maintained throughout. The music has been crafted with a very specific set of samples and simple riffs, almost like a minimalist trip-hop soundscape, but with a little jazz thrown in for good measure. The whole recording has that mellow energy to it that allows you to relax and get on with your own day or your own day dreaming, whichever it is. There’s just about enough creativity within the mix to keep things interesting without directing the sound too far away from that good energy.

The leading voice has a relaxed and almost whispered performance style, which suits the surroundings and this whole setting brilliantly. This actually feels like it could easily be featured in a professional vlog or video series as the backdrop to some accompanying, lush visuals.

Though in itself it makes for an easy and enjoyable few minutes of music. It’s the sort of music that leaves a certain mood lingering rather than a certain melody or lyric, which is definitely a good a thing in a lot of cases. Reliable and thoughtful production is always valuable and hopefully there’s a lot more to come with future releases.



This combination of styles and genres works well, a little bit of the mellow side of hip-hop, a little bit of an electronic or experimental ambiance, and of course, that all important, consistently good vibe that runs so smoothly throughout. If anything, two minutes twenty is a little short.





This kind of music can go on for longer, as can the day dreaming that comes with it. The instrumentation varies enough to keep it fresh, so more of the same, a few more building blocks, a further enhancement of the structure, would go down well.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.