Joy Jeanette – Do you Object “solid bit of songwriting with an absolutely incredible hook section”

This is a solid bit of songwriting with an absolutely incredible hook section. To begin with, the track presents a soulful and fairly mellow verse section, though at all times there’s an air of something building up. The intensity comes to a climax with not only a powerful and instantly memorable melody, but also the complete and effective utilisation of structure and instrumental moments that re-emphasise and add further impact to that all important chorus. The roll of those tribal sounding drums, the riffs added in by the string section, the passion of the vocal – the whole thing has this infectious and striking energy and it craves for you to witness it performed live.

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Joy Jeanette’s music always has that something personal and special about it, in this case though this has been successfully fused with top quality writing and a brilliantly fitting performance. From those opening few chords, the simple sound of the keys and the triple rhyme scheme in that initial verse, things just get better and better – the lyrics explore the next section of the story, the vocal performance rises in emotional power, and the music just starts to explode into this varied collection of riffs and effects.


Nothing is over done though, there’s a fairly minimal nature to these sounds, and that’s part of what adds to its strength. The choices made have been done so with thought, and always kept relevant to the development of the song. Because of this, this structure and thoughtful creativity, every time that chorus section comes around it’s impossible not to be drawn in by it. The rhythm and melody have an addictive quality that gets you moving, even if it’s just the tapping of a foot. It’s music doing what it does best. It’s a great song.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.