“rawness and vitality of punk rock/grunge” Without Ends – Soleus

The late 90’s were a very creative and intense period for music regardless of the genre. Soleus is indicative of that decade with a solid feel for the future of their vision for heavy, emotional and inspiring alt rock.: The fertile, sonic delta at the confluence of grunge, shoe-gaze, and psychedelic alt music are the stomping grounds of Soleus. The members are well versed in their craft coming from various backgrounds and creating a opportunistic Frankenstein of a band. Soleus successfully excavates the old and updates it with new sonics, steely guitar sounds and almost secretive lyrics and hooks. Soleus digs it up, dusts it off, reassembles it, and lovingly crafts replacements, piece by vivid piece, for the strange little sounds that hide away in everyone’s soundtrack for life.


From bluegrass to gospel and everything in between, Georgia has a wide ranging musical history that spans as many genres as it does decades. Artists such as Ray Charles, Gladys Knight, Trisha Yearwood, Alan Jackson, the B-52s, and more. The Peach State has also been carving up quite the indie scene with bands like Soleus… So, lets talk about that:

‘Without Ends’ – Cummings, GA may not boast the music scene of Atlanta and Athens, but that hasn’t stopped Soleus from coming through with this epic single.


It’s a visceral blend of 90’s style rock, what would have been termed grunge back then, with more traditional punk rock elements, and aspects of metal thrown into the mix.




Overall, this is a superb track that features no weak links and is the right length for this style of music. They are unique as a band in that they combine the rawness and vitality of punk rock/grunge with the virtuosic musicianship and musical complexities you associate more with metal/prog rock bands. It is a potent hybrid they manage to achieve and I expect them to develop a huge and devoted following in the future.



By Heather M. 

Music and Fashion Blogger