Verne Miller releases visual for “Chemistry”, the next single after releasing the full length album “Polished Hunger”

“What could you say about Verne Miller? He is one of the most unique unsigned artists i have heard. Verne is the smoothest hip-hop artist out right now if you ask me. His wordplay is smooth and slick, while also being witty and sharp.
Verne is a quiet storm artist. He is truly low-key and quiet. His vocal tone is definitely in a class by itself.
His approach and concepts are refreshing. The industry needs an MC like Verne right now and always. If you are truly looking for a different artist to listen to, Verne Miller is the artist for you to follow. ” – Words by Bobby Love
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Verne Miller is from Brooklyn, the home of many great MCs. He not only is an artist, but an entrepreneur. He owns and runs the record label Planett Hunger. They represent all of the starving artists trying to keep their head above water. Those artists that find it difficult to keep moving forward, but they somehow find the strength to push through. They strive to not only make it in the music industry, but to also leave their mark on the world. Never stop chasing success, you only lose when you give up.
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