Sloppy Jane shares a new video for her single “Potassium”. You can check it out along with an exclusive interview

Sloppy Jane  shares a new video for her single “Potassium”. You can check it out along with an exclusive interview over on

 “This video is the end of the story that the record is telling and is a picture of my own head conflating multiple very true scenarios in attempt to find a conclusion where there isn’t one,” the band’s Haley Dahl explains, “Mika, the director, has a unique understanding of what I’m trying to say and I will work with her forever”.
The track is from her forthcoming debut LP Willow, out 3/23. Sloppy Jane will be heading down to Austin for SXSW, and playing a number of other upcoming shows listed below. More dates will be announced soon.
3.10 – Nashville, TN – Third Man Records
3.11 – New Orleans, LA – Issa House
3.12 – (SXSW Unofficial) Melted Magazine Showcase
3.13 – Dallas, TX – Transit Bicycle Co w/ Ed Schrader’s Music Beat
3.14 – (SXSW Unofficial) Desert Daze Showcase @ Hotel Vegas
3.15 – (SXSW Unofficial) Penniback Records Showcase
3.16 – San Antonio, TX – Paper Tiger w / Buttertones, Sports, + more
 3.17- (SXSW Unofficial) Invertebrate Day Party
3.17 – (SXSW Official) – Siren Sound Showcase @ Cheer Up Charlie’s
3.20 – Tempe, AZ – Arizona State College
3.22 – Los Angeles, CA – Record Release Party @ Non Plus Ultra –
w/ Geneva Jacuzzi + more
3.26 – Minneapolis, MN – FOE Ballroom + Live at Radio K
3.27 – Lawrence, KS – Replay Lounge
3.29 – Chicago, IL – Peanut Gallery
Sloppy Jane “Potassium” – Official Music Video
Click the photo above to download the broadcast master
Sloppy Jane is an 8-to-11 piece music project led by Haley Dahl out of Brooklyn, NY (originating in Los Angeles). An ever-evolving lineup of players, friends, and collaborators. Elements of the live show include: laughter, choir vocals, xylophone, saxophone, kazoo, television, slide whistle, vomiting blue dye, a naked body, a rotting suit, guitar, bass, drums, tambourine, ruby red slippers, violent shifts in genre and speed, a make-believe maestro, and a set that does not stop moving once it has started.
Sloppy Jane is releasing their debut LP, “Willow” on March 23rd and will be touring to SXSW, Los Angeles, and across the US. All songs were written by Haley Dahl and all instrumentation was written and
performed by Haley Dahl and (significant collaborator who is not currently involved) Sara Cath in Joel Jerome’s studio in Los Angeles.

01. King Hazy Lady
02. Mindy
03. Kitchen Store
04. Bark Like A God
05. King Mitis
06. In The Future It Was Me That Burned It Down
07. Where’s My Wife
08. La Cluster
09. Peroxide Beach
10. Potassium (We Saw Everything)


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