Selldretti – Visions “leading vocal performance is just about everything you’d hope for it to be”

The piano led intro to this track is beautiful, not gentle and ballad like but performed with power and urgency. The track that follows feeds into this mood perfectly. The beat is thick and intense, the string section that mutates into a more electronic and retro riff adds a superb level of drama and builds on the captivating nature of the whole soundscape. The music is great throughout, the way the instrumentation progresses gives off a hugely upbeat and compelling energy. On top of all of this, the artist’s leading vocal performance is just about everything you’d hope for it to be.

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The performance is equally passionate and urgent and unforgiving, riding alongside of the music and in fact driving the energy of the whole thing incredibly well. The flow is relentless and powerful and very genuine sounding, and the lyrics throughout tell these stories and offer this unique world view that leaves you torn at times between embracing the music and scrupulously following the lines along as they play out. It’s a good problem to have, and the more you listen, the more all of it starts to join together and connect so that you can appreciate the whole piece as a heavy and beautiful work of art.


The track sounds amazing right the way through, the music is unusual and unpredictable and the rap vocal is showcasing an artist refusing to adhere to the norm and simply embracing the personal journey and telling it as it is. There’s a huge element of positivity to the whole thing, and this is the mood set from the opening few bars – the piano led intro, as mentioned, and the hopeful optimism of the spoken word section that seems to speak to you personally before the bulk of the track smashes into action. A solid track, really impressive.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing

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