Mulcahy – In The Moment “the talent and passion are right there in front of you.”

Mulcahy has a wonderful leading voice that reminds me of the raw, stripped back acoustic performances from rock singers throughout the nineties. ‘In The Moment’ is a particularly authentic  sounding track, recorded in a single take it seems, so you get a genuine feel for the song in a live performance setting. The simple strum of the acoustic guitar creates a calming and mildly reflective ambience within which the singer’s voice and lyricism and melodies pour out and captivate you at every step.

Songs like this are important because they showcase the strength of art as expression and the fact that what we write and the way we play and the way we sing can impact an audience in a profound way – the colourful and chaotic pop soundscape is not always necessary when the emotions are honest and unfiltered. This is a piece that you can listen to again and again, bringing about a familiar, comforting sound and feeling, as well as reminding you of a thoughtful and poetic songwriter.

The imagery of the song adds a lot to the experience. The lines aren’t particularly new but something about the arrangement of these ideas and the genuine passion and depth that comes through in the leading voice makes it hit with additional impact and adds a definite sense of newness. If you’re a fan of acoustic music then this release has precisely the humanity and realness you’ll appreciate, as well as a mild yet notable level of grit and gravel to help reinforce that soulful, deeply artistic desire to express. The raw quality of the recording brings with it an endearing sense of vulnerability and a willingness to bare all, to be open. It also highlights that the artist has nothing to hide – the talent and passion are right there in front of you.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing