Matt O’Keefe – Too Late

Matt O’Keefe combines a very natural talent and beauty with knowledgeable and experienced musicianship for his latest track. The music opens up in a very organic and peaceful manner, though there’s a distinct weight to the track almost instantly, a certain polish and level of passion that separates it from the often much gentler, whisper like nature of folk music. In this case the track has the potential to be a pop rock track, perhaps there’ll be a remix or full band possibility in the near future. Having said that though, it works superbly exactly as it is, and any further additions would merely open up the quiet corners of the track even further.

The song is really well structured, interestingly so in fact – as it appears to end, the guitar takes on a stylish and creative mind of its own, and the whole thing actually re-ignites for the final section of the track. What helps make it all so effective is this striking contrast between the crisp and satisfying guitar sound and chord progression, and the gentle, emotional, poetic outpouring of the leading vocal. The song seems short, but this only means you’re more inclined to listen again and again. There’s a subtlety to it that is captivating, it suggests an honesty and this is consistently believable – this is one of the best ways to truly connect with an audience.

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The potential for a live performance is exciting, whether with a band or solo – the emotional honesty of the song, and the unique character expressed throughout, within the sound of the voice, and the choice of words, all makes for something very real and memorable. The guitar work is sublime, yet always modest – the artist utilises a few short minutes in a beautifully appropriate and compelling way.


By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing