Cameen – Learn Me (IF) “There’s an addictive element to the sound”

The New England Music Awards Top Five Artist Of The Year Nominee and contemporary R&B/Soul singer-songwriter Cameen is back with a new single and video titled “Learn Me (IF).” The song and video chronicle parts of the artist’s past and current journey. Welcome to the Cameen experience.

Learn Me (IF)  has this unusual, dreamlike atmosphere and clever use of repetition that sort of washes over you or passes by on first listen like a simple flicker of something more. That is to say, the track rolls out and around in a really peaceful and enjoyable way, so rather than insisting upon reaching out and grabbing your attention, the artist and the music work in a stylish and skillful way to simply enhance your moment, and, as a result, win your affection regardless.

There’s a definite sense of electronica or trip-hop in the lightness and the rhythm of the whole thing. The artist’s voice is easy to listen to, the words and the melody actually fit really smoothly alongside the rest of the instrumentation – as opposed to sitting awkwardly on top of everything else, or, again, demanding attention by over performing or shouting.

The more times you listen to the track, which is easy to do as it’s a pleasant way to pass the time and has a calming overall effect, the more you notice the self-questioning and reflective nature of the lyrics within the lines, as well as the phrasing, the concept, and the unique characteristics and tone and passion presented through the leading vocal performance. It’s a great piece of music that has been arranged in a minimal yet relevant manner and produced to a quality that allows you to really just sit back and enjoy it.

There’s an addictive element to the sound and the prospect of more music from Cameen is something to look forward to. This track has a unique sound and the artist’s love of music and creativity and honest expression is clear.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.