Kristin Rebecca – Heartbeat of life

A true celebration of spirit, Kristin Rebecca’s “Heartbeat of life” is inspirational to its very core. Kristin Rebecca neatly brings together rock, country, and folk into a satisfying whole, going for a carefully balanced whole. By far the true soul of the track comes from Kristin Rebecca’s beautiful vocals that are sung with the utmost of passion. During moments her voice recalls the delicate beauty of Vashti Bunyan. Lyrics have a poetry to them that helps to imbue the song with such energy. Over the course of the piece Kristin Rebecca crafts a sound that feels timeless and infinitely tasteful. Giving everything plenty of room to roam results in a lovely kind of contemplation.

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Not a moment of the song is wasted, for it begins almost immediately. Upon the drums coming into the mix it all rocks back and forth with such care. Layer upon layer of sound comes into the fray, from the glistening glow of the organ swells to the expressive guitar work. Indeed, the guitars have a classic rock sort of fervor to them, possessing just the right level of edge to them. The lyrics focus on the desire to break free from the mundane, to embrace the wonderful uncertainty that the world can bring. For the last stretch of the work Kristin Rebecca becomes particularly playful, allowing only vocals to remain standing proud.

Kristin Rebecca proves to be a fine addition to the grand singer-songwriter tradition with “Heartbeat of Life”.