Exposed Vocals just caught an exclusive with country singer Jenny Leigh Miller

Jenny Leigh Miller is a country singer and United States military veteran from New England. Jenny learned to play the guitar and wrote songs while serving overseas as it was a way to cope with the hardships of deployed life. Jenny’s first album, Rollercoaster, is arriving June 2018. The album features a collection of relatively unknown songs written by well known Nashville songwriters. Musicians who recorded in the studio on Rollercoaster include world renowned fiddle player Alex Hargreaves, Andy Blanco (drummer for Broadway), Ricky Romano (keyboards), John Widgren (pedal steel), Ben Kreinen (guitar), Bill Strohm (upright bass, bass), Dave Miller (Hammond, fiddle, keys, mandolin, guitar), and Amy Herr (backup vocals). The album was recorded and mixed at REM studios by Robert Melosh. Jenny is currently working on a second album which will feature her original songs. Stay tuned for the release date!


Exposed Vocals: Hello Jenny Leigh Miller! We’re excited to learn more about your music. Please answer the below interview questions.

Where did you grow up and what kind of music did you grow up listening to? I grew up in Milford, CT. It is a beach town and a fun place to grow up when you are a kid. I grew up listening to Randy Travis, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, and James Taylor. I also have a huge classic rock fondness as my dad played Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and my mom was into that great 9O’s rock that was around when I was very young. My first cassette tape was Sheryl Crow.

Exposed Vocals: How and When did you get into music?

My mom was really into music and went to the store and asked me what record I wanted to get. I chose the Sheryl Crow album “If it makes you happy” because it was always in my head. My mom used to play the tape in the car, and I would belt out the chorus in the car. One day she asked me to sing it again. So she rewinded the tape and each time kept asking me to sing the chorus over and over again. I was mad, because she was annoying me and kept asking me to sing the chorus. Finally she said to me, “Jenny you can sing!”.

Exposed Vocals: Have you worked with someone inspirational in your music career? and who do you get the most inspiration from?

I had a music mentor work with me for a few years who really understood what country singing demanded. He is a veteran player and devout country observer and spent some time in Nashville.  I get the most inspiration from the songwriting. I feel country music tells a great story that other genres don’t emphasize as much.

Exposed Vocals: What instruments do you play?

Guitar and piano

Exposed Vocals: Tell us about the crowd response to your music when playing live?

I can belt out a Faith Hill song, but the crowd seems to really be enticed by my original music. They also do love a powerful, vocally demanding song with a big high note.

Exposed Vocals: Tell us about your songwriting process…

My songwriting process is a tugging emotion that keeps gnawing at me, until I have to get it on paper and into a song. Then I feel better. It is annoying but worth it.

Exposed Vocals: What do you do in your spare time when not working on your music career?

I love the gym. I also love my 2 golden retrievers and enjoy being a crazy dog lady.

Exposed Vocals: You are a veteran. Can you share a bit more about your experience in the service with us?

Yes, I joined the army when I was 18. I was a girly girl growing up, so no one expected it. However, I actually always wanted to serve. Although a girly girl, I did have some tomboy flair to me and used to go on “missions” with the neighborhood kids and my favorite game was “capture the flag”. When I went overseas in 2OO9, I learned to play guitar for the first time, and it was there that I knew I wanted to be a country singer.

Exposed Vocals: Any expected release date of your first album?

Mid June 2O18.