Dub Proof “Roads” Official Music Video

With “Roads” dub proof takes the listener on a journey that can be all to relatable sometimes when dealing with human relationships. Do you travel the road for immediate satisfaction or do you travel the road for a long term commitment to someone through all the ups and downs that the roads of life people travel.  
It’s heavy, while at the same time being easy to listen to with a smooth melodica line blown by Addis Pablo over the rock solid rhythm held down by the bass & drums, and complimented by Fream’s glossy vocals telling the tale.  Once the song structure was in place, it was time to create the classic ‘dubwise’ version which acclaimed producer Dub For Light did excellent work to make the sounds you hear today. 
 Another minor delight, that we had cooking in the lab for a while. We listened to it a bunch of times & did some over dubs.  After that, it was time for Larry (Dub For Light) to work his magic on the dub mix.  Addis Pablo later added his melodica in one of our always proper sessions.  As for us, the band, we’re just a bunch of regular dudes making music that we like and hope you enjoy it too. Press play and let the speakers tell the story. 


Dub Proof “Roads” Official Music Video
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