Diego Suarez wows Exposed Vocals with Switzerland’s music soundscape

Most people think of Zurich as a place of order and tradition. Don’t tell that to the artists, architects, and DJs who are turning it into one of Europe’s most avant-garde cities. Switzerland: the Alps, rolling hills, green meadows full of cows and in the midst of all, a group of traditionally clad peasants yodelling happily against the rugged background of snow-capped mountains. So much for your postcard cliches.

Switzerland’s music landscape has much more to offer than yodelling, “volksmusik” or folklore. It boasts a lively music scene that has been thriving for decades, but has mostly been ignored abroad. Only a few bands have jumped the border, some of which the Swiss may not be too proud of! Now, a new wave of zeitgeisty musicians aim at breaking out of the small, fragmented Swiss music market.

So, lets talk about about some hedonistic house music led by an up-and-coming DJ “Diego Suarez”  Born 1977 in Ticino, Italian speaking part of Switzerland, Diego Suarez started playing the piano at the age of 11, and took classic piano lessons until he moved to Zurich in 1996. He started with small parties in 1995 and having his first gig in front of 1800 people in 1996 at the Nexus in Bellinzona. In 2001 he finally had the opportunity to mix at 366 minutes of Madonna in the legendary UG club (Zürich): the party was rated from the newspaper Tages Anzeiger between the Top 5 of the weekend and this was the chance to start being resident in the same club at the Knight Rider party series. Since then he’s been playing in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Venezuela and Spain, always keeping faith to the quality sound he believes in. His sound is influenced by funk, disco, house and latin rhythms. Freshly squeezed and moving emotions, Diego has got the right vibe to make people feel good!