Corrington Wheeler “Your Erroneous Evil”

Corrington Wheeler is a Post-Hardcore solo artist from Houston, TX with a supporting band. His music draw influence from philosphy, western esotericism and masonry.

He first released an EP on 10/28/15 called “Traveling East” with producers Justin Kyle of Jamie’s Elsewhere and Eric Ferraro of Asmara. His newest album “Seeking Ligh” released March 15, 2017 with additional guest geatures from Garret Rapp of The Color Morale, Jeremy Gilmore of Sycamour, Tada Maico, Ryan Tyler of Viridian, Sebastian Elizondo of Darkness Divided and Rory Rodriguez of Dayseeker. His music is laced with esoteric values and make the listener question their morals and culture. “Seeking Light” was written to describe each of the lessons Corrington learned while traveling the world, while he was seeking the light.

The Inspiration Behind The Song:

Greed is an over-generalized term that is normally accompanied with an often falsely negative connotation. The truth is that selfishness is the primitive root emotion that is the basis for all other emotions, and it comes in a variety of forms. It is a powerful driver that brings people to live their fullest life and motivates us as humans to strive for better futures. To provide the needed foundation for fear, we submerge ourselves in avarice to secure ourselves from financial failure. Humans strive for contentment and complacency, but these goals cannot be achieved if the growing fear of monetary obligations does not grow inside their chest.

Oftentimes with the elimination of fear, people can continue to acquire wealth but their desperation leads to spiritual starvation because their mind is looking for temporary satisfaction. The masses have demonized cupidity, judging those around themselves who set material goals, out of their own jealousy and self-dissatisfaction after analyzing and comparing to their own lives.

The masses will rise up in retaliation, especially if in a group when approached, but will likely be more open and coming to terms if alone and they have time for self-reflection.  People have a need for enemies, the ego demands to become morally superior to others. One’s self-worth, in an early stage, demands attention and seeks a separation from the society in which that person is placed in, to become more important than others and become uniquely special. The most common image of greed, of selfishness, is one who pursues this path and will hurt others, ignoring community’s morals and therefore is considered an evil.

Corrington Wheeler “Your Erroneous Evil” 

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Ask yourself, for example, why do you love your parents, family, or friends? Most people will go on to tell you of their current state of those relationships with those whom they care about and their answer will be an explanation of how they care for each other and possibly their history. So let’s remove them from the picture, your loved ones die. Why do you feel sadness depression, and despondency? The answer is simple: selfishness.  This however is a different form of greed than what the masses understand. These people in your life are no longer alive to be there for you, to care for you, to love you, to generate positive emotions through interactions and experiences with you.

Most of today’s society will retaliate towards this concept and claim unfairness, and state that it was a mutual bond. But isn’t that the point? They performed actions that brought you happiness, because seeing you happy brought them joy. Same can be said for friendship, being based off both sides benefitting. You feel comfort and an increased security knowing that a friend can do things for you, help when you’re in need, to mentally and emotionally vent with to keep your mind healthy. The mind craves human interaction and sociological structure, becoming degraded without it, so we naturally seek to draw in a select few as close as we can.

Selflessness is pure on paper, but false in application. Why do you serve food at the homeless shelter, give money to the poor, give clothes to natural disaster victims? The answer is once again similar to before, but most refuse to accept the truth. You selflessly help others in need because it feeds the ego, it brings you happiness. Why does it bring you happiness? Because they are happy. Seeing others in a state of happiness due to your actions only feeds your esteem and many people bathe in this feeling.  It isn’t necessarily as wicked as originally proposed, but it’s clear to see how deep the ego’s roots grow, like a weed that has gone unattended for your entire life.
Do not shut yourself off, mankind attacks things that it knows not and has yet to understand.

Corrington Wheeler “Your Erroneous Evil”
Official Music Video 
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