Break the Rules (DJ Rebel Remix) Kristii

The young music scene in Austria is full of exciting discoveries and a melting pot of influences that result in very distinctive sounds. All across the Austrian provinces, unique artists are rising to international fame. One of those artists is Kirstii with her hit new single ‘Break the Rules (DJ Rebel Remix)’


The meeting of the blissful piano and the distorted, industrial sounding synth on this release makes for a unique and characterful track. The sense of melody is quite notable, the way in which the piece evolves has the occasional feeling of being several tracks in one, particularly towards the latter half of the recording when the instrumentation seems to breakaway from the otherwise unified ambiance and each moment possesses a mind of its own. All of this makes for a striking audio experience, and as stated, it adds a characterful touch that gives the producer this signature style, this expressive and experimental approach to music.

Rather than a specifically directed composition, the artist has presented audiences with something deeply creative, something that takes a touch of inspiration and energy from various different genres and moods. The overall result of it all is an uplifting and memorable piece of music.




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