Blue Nation – Stay With Me “hard hitting, emotional and hugely passionate song”

Stay With Me is a powerful, melodic rock track that first opens up in a very vulnerable and intimate way and shortly afterwards evolves into this hard hitting, emotional and hugely passionate song. The structure of the track has been thoughtfully arranged so as to really let each section and each moment shine with a captivating brightness. The introduction has something very pure about it, and this grabs your attention, and as things moves forwards the output seems to multiply immensely, yet the instrumentation remains organic and always very human sounding.

As mentioned, the passion with which everything has been performed is a big part of what makes the track stand out. The instrumentation intensifies without the use of thick distortion or irrelevant solos. The leading vocal moves beautifully and with great style from the gentle to the heavy, and the harmonies that come into play add just enough of a chorus effect to really maximise that power and that satisfying hit of those loud moments.

The track has been recorded in a way that seems to have captured the genuine emotion that was involved when the song was first written. Though it’s partially clear where the bands influences may have come from, in terms of the genre, the style, and the songwriting, the overall sound is definitely something new and unique. The development of the melody is striking, the track is satisfying, yet unpredictable. The more you listen, the more comforting it becomes as a go-to track for emotional escapism or calmness. Everything plays its part well in underlying the moments as they go by – everything from the drums to the guitars to the vocals – it all ties in superbly with the varying levels of energy that come through as the track grows.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing