Amaru – Champagne Attitude

Amaru’s playful flow and joyous attitude reigns supreme on the life-affirming grandeur of “Champagne Attitude”. Throughout the album Amaru creates an entire world, fully realized and flawlessly executed. By far though the highlight of the experience comes from Amaru’s careful lyricism, as he focuses upon relationships, the ups and downs that define the best ones, and the confidence one needs to truly excel at them. Nimble percussion, infectious grooves, and catchy melodies permeate the entirety of every piece. Further highlighting the fact that the collection needs to be viewed as a singular whole are the interludes sprinkled throughout the entirety of the album.

Things truly get started with the funky dance fusion of “I’m the One You Need” where the synthesizers go for a sweeping approach. Hyperactivity works wonders on the glistening cool of “The One” by far the highlight of the album. A retro sound comes into the mix with the taut rhythms of “Gentle Giant”. Downright defiant, the title track “Champagne Attitude” has a classic rock flavor to it. Going for a tropical vibe “That’s the Way I Like It” slows things down to a languid pace. Offering a gentler side to his sound is the soothing “Never” where everything has a much more spacious demeanor. Electro influences filter into the mix on “Bye Bye”. The driving rhythms of “Messiah” underpin the inspirational message of the lyrics. Bringing everything to a celebratory conclusion is “Pa’ Mi Gente (Sazón Remix)”.

Done with such style and flare, Amaru’s “Champagne Attitude” goes for a fully immersive experience.