Write a guest post on Exposed Vocals
Write a guest post on Exposed Vocals

Exposed Vocals, where 30K people go each day for original, unsigned and independent new music. As a contributor for us, you will inspire our users to continue to record fresh new music on a platform that promotes musicians stories, music, and grass-root experiences from an underground level and throughout their careers as a successful artist.

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Write a guest post on Exposed Vocals


Writing an informative and captivating music review can be a challenging task. It is helpful if the reviewer is a musician and understands music theory, musical styles, and the type of music to be reviewed. It is essential for the reviewer to be aware of the target audience for which the music review is intended. Our reviews are targeted to music professionals who have in in-depth understanding and appreciation of music.


What we’re looking for

We’re looking for a writer that is educated, has an in-depth understanding of music, including music theory, conducting,, and music pedagogy, and a level of musical understanding in all genres of music. Typical readers want to know about the product. They are looking for new ideas for presenting music in concerts and on the football field. They want music that will add diversity to their concert programming. Readers want to know certain things about each piece of music; specifically the level of difficulty, and any unusual demands placed on the different instruments and the appropriateness of the music for performance.



Here we have ten minutes of Spanish flavored music that has many dynamic types of shading, and is sprinkled with sustained lines, weaving counter lines, and thick, resonant chords. The contrasts in mood are very well handled. It is a rousing number that exudes rhythmic intensity, and Spanish bravado. This exciting musical composition brings out a sense of adventure, and student will enjoy the brisk tempo and fiery Spanish rhythms.” 

We’d like our reviews to be between 500 and 700 words in length (Longer for album reviews)



  • Preview an upcoming show.
  • Review a recent show.
  • Music Reviews
  • Stories from the road.
  • Behind the scenes at rehearsals.
  • Songwriting process.
  • Making of your album.
  • Crowdfunding campaign.


  • Be honest and authentic, and let your personality come through in your writing.
  • We welcome edgy topics, but please don’t resort to shock value.
  • If you wouldn’t say something to your subject’s face, don’t write it.
  • Your story should always provide a service to your reader.
  • Be clever in your writing but not salacious or snarky.
  • Use slang and abbreviations sparingly.
  • Keep headlines and main images clean and safe for work.


  • All submissions must be original content that you own the rights to.
  • Please fact check your story and provide sources for all your info.
  • If you include images, you must own the rights to them.
  • Images must be high-resolution and be at least 1456 pixels wide.
  • Submission of a post does not guarantee it will be published on Exposed Vocals. Our team will reach out if we’d like to run your story!


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