A Wild Frontier ‘Make It Count’ “great songwriting and a great essence of authentic rock music.”

This is a strong indie rock track with great riffs and great melodies, the best of the big sound and the best of the songwriting. The music has the rock edge and energy needed to completely surround listeners, and the songwriting and the leading vocal performance has that personal touch, that emotional honesty, that crucial advice to make the song really matter.

The tack is well structured and builds up and falls away appropriately. The leading vocal is brilliant, it fits perfectly in this sort of setting, and the artist performs with passion and precision and delivers the core values of the song superbly. The songwriting and instrumentation are on point and that’s the most important thing – professionalism, thoughtfulness when crafting new music, and of course, as mentioned, that passion.

Based on hearing just this single release from the band it would be an obvious choice to seek out more music or at least follow them online to look out for upcoming projects and live shows. The sound is huge, yet well rounded – great songwriting and a great essence of authentic rock music. The melodies make it accessible to all, and the high energy and musical intensity make it a compelling few minutes of listening.

Complete album

The lyrics add something very real and easy to relate to, the emotional honesty is commendable and it’s something people are likely to connect to. The honesty and storytelling within the verses is also very powerful and ultimately valuable for a band such as this. It’s such a pleasure to hear something new, from a new perspective.


By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.