WicoSanii – Take me as I am [Music Review] and Full rotation on KISS 104.7 FM

“Take me as I am” shows WicoSanii going for a tender form of techno. Absolutely addictive grooves roll through the entirety of the track. Over the course of the piece, WicoSanii draws from pop ballads, the dancefloor, with a hint of ambient thrown into the mix. At times the arrangement even recalls Future Sound of London’s unique approach, allowing for an energetic yet also cerebral style. Psychedelically tinged, the entirety of the song has a colorful sort of tapestry. By far the true heart of the work comes from the powerful vocals, which radiate a calm cool temperament. Lyrically thoughtful, they explore the concept of relationships allowing for a bit of self-determination, of knowing when to step away.

Rhythmic elements enter into the mix immediately, giving the song a ceremonial style. Synthesizers weave together further going for an ornate fervor, one full of a tremendous amount of color. Usage of unique textures add to the beauty of the track. Grooves propel the whole thing forward with such grace and care. Nearly washing over the listener, the way the piece simply builds and builds until it reaches a joyous crescendo feel particularly earned. Miniature little choirs emerge out of the arrangement, lending it a communal spirit. By the last stretch of the work it all simply comes together in a blissful blur, with the many layers blooming in full.

“WicoSanii goes for a playful, celebratory sound on the spacious scope of “Take me as I am”.”

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