WicoSanii – Body Language “creative and passionate and free of the confines of genre”

Body Language is a fairly instantly attention grabbing track, primarily for its industrial meets ambient backdrop, yet also for the top layer vocal performance that acts as something of a dramatic monologue driving the music along. The vocal style remains consistent throughout, the sound of the voice and the choice of tone and emphasis throughout each line are perhaps more notable than the lyrics at first – the whole sounds cape in its entirety in fact has something of an artistic splash about it as opposed to a poetic outpouring or story. It makes for something interesting and unique.

As the vocal performance moves forwards the music really changes and evolves in an unpredictable manner. All of this adds to the artistry of the work. Many great musical works apply pressure far beyond the realms of a catchy melody or hook. As mentioned, the track is undoubtedly unique, and without question the whole thing has been crafted and produced to a quality that reinforces those interesting characteristics as frequently as possible.


There is actually something about the delivery of the lines that stays with you, in a clever sort of way, more similarly to the way you might find yourself reminded of certain lines from a film of a TV show than from a song, and in fact this too adds something special to the mix. The music itself seems creative and passionate and free of the confines of genre, all of which adds further to the originality and the various levels of character portrayed throughout the few minutes of music. No doubt listeners would recognise the track again and the sound of the artists involved after a single listen.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.