VRSATYL “Boston Pride” “ground breaking, inspiring and undeniable lyrics”

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VEE “VRSATYL” MEADOWS, a self-reliant artist who got his feet wet as a rapper after joining a high school fraternity organization called Beta Phi Sigma, a little brother organization to the Lane College Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity in his hometown of Jackson, Tennessee. During this time, Vrsatyl enjoyed his first taste of the spotlight, taking center stage at the Step Shows as a Step Coordinator. It would also serve as the platform for the beginning of Vrsatyl’s rap career which created ground breaking, inspiring and undeniable lyrics that would lead to one of the most remarkable and unpredictable musical journey’s that he ever imagined.

Vrsatyl had the visual ability to tell unique and realistic stories through his rap songs while performing in Step Shows next to his B Phi brothers. He would eventually leave the frat and relocate to the West Coast in 1986, he made San Diego his new headquarters and considered starting another high school frat in San Diego. That possibility was soon crushed after realizing the movie “Colors” was actually a reality in his new hometown. Back home in Tennessee, it was inconceivable to see the gang lifestyle portrayed on TV as a being real.
It was at this point he accepted the fact that his high school frat would always be seen as just another gang. Although he played around with his skills leaving rap messages on the answering machine, he would not seriously consider a return to the music scene until “CROSSING” paths with two producers between 1994 and 2002. Unfortunately, neither producer was interested in his clean rap style which has always avoided harsh/inappropriate lyrics. By 1993 Vrsatyl had become an entrepreneur, owning several different businesses and decided to pursue his ambitions on his own and released his debut album in 2003 titled, “V”. At thirty-three years old and considered an old head in a young man’s rap game, refusing to be denied he began marketing himself hoping to gain the attention of a major record label with his clean, uplifting lyrics.
Doing so however proved to be a challenging and difficult process. In 2004, Vrsatyl would go on to do a soundtrack song for the ESPN video game NBA2k5 for Xbox and Play Station. He would do a few more shows before deciding to call it quits in 2005 and dedicated the next twelve years to raising his son and soon daughter. After some bad business investments and the recession, Vrsatyl would also embark on another career as a bus operator for MTS in 2007.
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Vrsatyl was soon drawn back into the rap game when a good friend suggested that he enter his old songs in a Z90 radio contest in July of 2015, this was only a confirmation that he still had very much life left in the business when he came in second place. He would go on to accept a free track from producer Roadeezy , of San Diego and create the song “Daygo Pride”, a song made to show the appreciation and pride that the city of San Diego has for its sport’s team. It was so well received that Vrsatyl produced and directed a music video for the song, featuring San Diego Chargers icon “Boltman”. He then entered it into two challenges on indi.com, one was “Original Rap” challenge, and also to perform at a Chargers Blood Drive Event. He won “Judges Pick” for both challenges and performed for 3,000 plus people at the yearly Chargers Blood Drive Event. Vrsatyl was approached immediately after the show by C.E.O. Neel Grover of Indi to audition for America’s Got Talent, but although his performance was well liked, the producers were looking for an artist withmore material, something Vrsatyl didn’t have at the time because he was just re-entering the music industry.

Vrstayl was later contacted by Indi to kick off a new challenge for children’s charities that would involve celebrities like Mario Lopez, Marie Osmond and Tony Hawk, little did he know that he would actually be competing against these celebs in the challenge. It would lead to Vrsatyl vying to win $50,000 for the Autism Society of America, he chose this charity because he had co-workers that have kids on the spectrum. After promoting his video through FB ads he accumulated 220,000 buzz points in the challenge, MTS soon gave their full support and used social media as a marketing tool to get behind him.
He also reached out to several autism related companies and non-profits and was eventually sponsored by Autism Behavioral Services out of Massachusetts. Through ABS he joined forces with Amazon’s Best Seller and author, Dennis Vanasse of Jaggers World of Autism; mom Stacey Lavely and her son Jagger Lavely, Allyson Cohen of WTAG AM 580- FM 94.9; Vice President at Wutang Management; Jimmy Kang, Scott Isbell and Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill. This type of notoriety led to 832,000 buzz points and on September 30th at 5:00 p.m, Vrsatyl became the first rapper to produce a hit autism song that won $50,000 for the autism community. Vee “Vrsatyl” Meadows is currently shaking up the world the way he always wanted to with the creation of the heartfelt song, “Born This Way”, that is sure to touch the lives of millions by the depth and quality of his message! He is proving that hard work, dedication, and perseverance are definitely the key components to success!






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