Voices Of Terror – Not Human “a very fresh and incomparable sense of style”

Voices Of Terror are an alternative hip-hop duo comprised of Mike Walker and Zero. Their latest project is a collection of unique tracks, each exploratory and somewhat experimental musically, and each hugely passionate in terms of the performances and the lyricism offered up by the artists. The opening and title track talks of having no soul and only knowing ‘terror from the inside out’. The music has a darkness of this nature throughout – not that the title doesn’t prepare you – and what works well about this is that the music consistently and effectively reflects this.

The sounds used and the way the structure of each track has been crafted is creative and even slightly theatrical at times. There’s often a retro ambiance about the music, but it’s fused with a very fresh and incomparable sense of style and originality. The music develops intensely with or without the vocal performances, so it’s not a self indulgent presentation of rap or personality. The music is all at once inclusive and hostile, which is impressive to witness.

The style is hugely memorable, striking even – you’d know for certain who your were listening to after just a few moments, and most probably the name of the album, too. The drama and weight of the music and the performances is impossible to ignore, the emotion and the attitude drive the concept out well, and the music supports and enhances each and every moment with brilliant relevance. There are snippets of various genres in the sound, spreading as far as the somewhat medieval sounding chorus of voices in ‘Immortal Combat’. The artists question characters involved in the song, but it does in fact feel as though they are questioning you, the listener. The album is unquestionably unique, a one of a kind experience.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing