VladHQ – DON’T TAKE MY XANAX “The hook has attitude and the music has weight”

The entire sound and approach of ‘Don’t Take My Xanax’ fits in distinctly with the wave of recent trap releases or modern day sub-genres of hip hop that fuse heavy electronic vibes with fast-paced lyricism and specific subjects of intoxication. In terms of the performance and the production style, there’s little difference between VladHQ’s sound and that of the bigger names on the scene right now. The hook has attitude and the music has weight – the leading riff in particular, that which runs consistently behind the bars.

There’s a slight familiarity for me in that the key line or hook draws an alternative comparison to the likes of ‘Bitch don’t kill my vibe’. Creatively there’s perhaps room to develop a more signature sound, but in terms of the performance and the target audience the set-up is on point and the finish is crisp and effective. You listen to this music loud, that’s how you get the best effect and take that high energy away from it and into your own life, and this release allows you to do that.
The more you listen to the track the more the rhythm and the heavily distorted leading riff do start to sink in as their own arena of audio. In this respect there’s a freshness to it, and due to the well crafted nature of the production and the high energy of the performance, fans of this style and this genre will most probably respond positively to the single.



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The varying extremes of the artist’s vocal ability are showcased fairly well, the high end and the lower tone contrast well and help add to that sense of evolution as the music progresses. The structure of the track works well and the overall vibe has everything that’s needed.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing