Various Artists – Oso Gang Family Compilation

The Oso Gang Family Compilation tells stories from a life lived to the fullest, with all the raw grit and soul that entails. With an intimate quality to their narratives, everything possesses a tremendous amount of honesty. Over the course of the collection these narratives create an entire world. Flows go for a luxurious, languid rhythm perfectly emphasized by the crisp beats. Grooves help everything move along as the songs take on a reflective spirit, with everything feeling simply stunning.

With “Multiply (feat. Frank Euro)” things start on a high note. Echo further emphasizes the spaced out dreamy atmosphere. Melodies linger about as they weave a gorgeous tapestry of sound. Volume is an absolute must on the heavy “Mula (feat. Oso Ase & Oso Crazy Sox)”. Featuring a neon-glow over the ever-dominant stately melody, the song possesses a sense of tragedy as a tremendous amount of detail gives it a busy, all-consuming quality.

A noir-like atmosphere permeates the entirety of “Where Were You (feat. Oso Young Lyric)”. Easily the highlight of the entire collection the darkened corners take over, as the lyrics focus on a mournful quality, one of feeling truly alone. Bringing things to a gorgeous close is the party spirit of “Thuggin” featuring an infectious bass line from which all else flows, as the crystal clarity of the production works wonders.

Over the course of the Oso Gang Family Compilation, an entire lifetime becomes readily apparent one that feels so real.

Review by guest editor ‘Beach Sloth’

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