Trub “Four Five” “a culture where sex, drugs, politics, violence and money dominate the music industry”

In a culture where sex, drugs, politics, violence and money dominate the music industry, T.R.U.B. brings the TRUTH in an incredible sound based on what’s hot without conforming to unenthusiastic Hip-Hop trends. “I produce REAL music conveys an image of hope, pride, and fun with an emphasis on hard work and effort that leads to overcoming life’s challenges,” says T.R.U.B.
This Memphis, TN based rapper is not your average Hip Hop artist. Born Lawrence Johnson in Alexandria, VA, T.R.U.B. grew up in Memphis, where his passion for Hip-Hop music grew. He realized his immense talent and started perfecting his artistry at an early age. His career began at age 11 with first mixtape “Cruel To The Game” which ignited his career and laid the groundwork for the release of his first album ‘Situation Of A Hustler’, produced by Richard “Enigma” Harvey.

By the age of 15, T.R.U.B. gained a massive underground Hip hop fan base. His career stepped to the next level when his music caught the attention of Rob-E-Rob Devine, who was the A&R Director for Image Records. When Devine left Image Records to head his own independent label G Money Records out of Los Angeles, CA, T.R.U.B. leaped at the opportunity to take his music world wide. Rob-E-Rob was so impressed with what he heard and amazed by Trouble’s fresh and dynamic style so he decided to sign this next star in the making to his newly formed label.
 Since then, T.R.U.B. has been grinding hard to show the people that his incredible skills and his undeniable flow captures the essence of Hip-Hop music. T.R.U.B. is simply not your average rapper; he’s a lyricist with a UNIQUE style that sets him apart from the competition.

Although young, T.R.U.B. has already had the opportunity to perform and collabo

rate with industry heavyweights like Snoop Dogg, who arranged his West Coast
smash single “Bring Da Funk”, OJ Da Juiceman, 50 Cent and G-Unit, Juvenile,

Young Jeezy, Eminem and D12, Three 6 Mafia, Dem Franchize Boyz, 8Ball &

MJG and Hurricane Chris.

Summer 2010 T.R.U.B. released his mixtape Da Appetizer. DJ’s, clubs and radio

stations are recognizing T.R.U.B. as a force in Hip Hop music from his this mixtape
endeavor. T.R.U.B. expects Da Appetizer to change the game, in a way of people
knowing that he, The Iron Chef, is here! Da Appetizer is hosted by DJ Lil Larry.


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T.R.U.B.’s goal is to bring good music to a global audience. He’s BLESSED with tal

ent, has pop star charisma, a gangster rapper bravado, a fast-exploding fan base, and lyrics that transform rap into a movement.
His latest project, Armageddon, was released on Halloween of 2015. It encompasses a diversity of styles and influences of what the upcoming rapper has distilled over the years. Trub joined forces with one of the biggest rising producers of this era, Marcus Brandon. Marcus and Trub have collaborated to create a classic sound for Armageddon and started their own dynasty label “The Elite Society.” With Armageddon, T.R.U.B. returns to the streets where his career once started and delivers a project with refreshing vitality. His fans will certainly notice a new yet familiar T.R.U.B. Sound.

Trub states, “I have big plans and my future is bright…the world will be very impressed with the moves I will make next.”
Trub “Four Five” official music video  


Click the photo above to download the broadcast master

“Trub is the next big thing to come out of Memphis, TN and one of the new voices of the South.” – DJ Q (Hot 107.1FM)

“When it comes to rapping,


is the man with the skills to deliver the message…special delivery!” – DJ JTK (Crunk Magazine)

“Trub represents more than a ‘Next 2 Blow’ artist. This young and aspiring rapper will make major noise sooner than you think so pay attention and watch out for the ‘Iron Chef’.” – Kai Denninger (Yo! Raps Magazine)
“I have had the pleasure of watching Trub grow and evolve into a highly talented artist and look forward to him achieving the heights of an established superstar in the music industry.” – Enigma (Lions Den Productions)
“I believe the artist known as Trub will be the first to receive ‘The Best Artist Of The Year’ for three consecutive years, because he reinvents himself every year with astonishing results…that’s too much for the world to handle!” – Tony Williams (Producer for Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton)
“Trub is one of the most motivated young artists in Hip-Hop today. He works hard and keeps a positive outlook on everything. His club banging single ‘Work’ is hot in the streets of Memphis.” – Ms. Hypnotique (Assistant Program Director – Southern Coalition Movement)
“Trub one of the next to blow artist in the South with his hard lyrics and tight flow. Lil Trouble is the future!” – DJ Larry (Live From Memphis Hot 107
“I am very impressed with Trub! He’s professional, lyrical and relevant. I will continue to support ‘Work’ and any upcoming releases.” – Kelly “KP” (General Manager – Club 152 Beale St. Memphis)
“Trub is the hottest thing smoking in the streets! As an artist, he has swag and charisma, a unique sound that stands out from all other southern rappers. To me he’s the young new boss of the South!” – Shazz Loc (West Coast rapper)

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