Tremble – Blur (Mitch Brady & LionSounD Remix from the Ju Ju Jetpack Project

This release is brilliant, I was a fan from the first few seconds and it really just got better and better. What you get here is a colourful yet distinctly spacious piece of music. Where more common ambient or trip-hop inspired tracks may seek to fill every moment with the distant whisper of a synth or the constant delicacy of a chord progression, this single allows creativity and musical necessity to do the talking, so it comes through as completely fresh – much more of an audio experience than simply background music.

To break it down a little, the single has a mellow vibe, opening with the somewhat retro and distant sound of an electric piano led story line – already there’s more to the music than a couple of chords. As you move forwards, the soundscape evolves or in fact breaks down a little, unexpectedly, to something a bit more raw and open. This allows the leading vocal to really begin driving the sentiment of the song through with emotion and captivating style.


The mix has been executed in a hugely effective way, blending each and every sound, including the singer’s voice, to the point that nothing stands alone – as is the cornerstone of much of the world’s most successful electronic releases. The track is less about the singer or the song, more about the overall musical experience, the effect it has on its

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing