TETRYKX – “Missing Your Smile” Feat. Victor [Music Review and FM Radio Play]

There’s a multitude of stylistic influences throughout this recording. The piano part stands out quite well among the beat and the various vocal sections, despite it’s simplicity it adds a dynamic that keeps things fresh and melodic and in keeping with a particular mood.

The structure of the song seems to follow it’s own sense of direction and design. The hook is the main thing you take away from it, there seems to be a high level of repetition when it comes to the hook, especially towards the end of the track. The very first time you hear the hook it seems like a well written one, lots of passion, a simple rhyme scheme and the added benefit of those alternate backing vocals to fill out the space a little and to give audiences something to sing along with, particularly at live shows.


It does feel like the hook just goes on and on during the last section, but having said that the music has this partly jazz-cafe-like ambiance whereby the music and the mood does just go around and around and sets a certain kind of scene within which people can really just relax and let the music play rather than focusing intently on each line and each passing moment of instrumentation. There are two notable verse sections that offer a fresh dynamic, a bit of variation to help keep things interesting – the rap vocal, almost like a stream of consciousness that offers a little more insight and a back story of sorts. There could potentially be a further verse during the final few bars of music to add even more context in terms of the songwriting. The rap vocal also showcases a few different styles and levels of ability, which is always good for building an audience.


By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.


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