“an extremely well written and arranged album” Terry Davis – ‘You Keep Giving Again’

‘You Keep Giving Again’ is a nice song at a meditative pace, with a loving and compassionate message. Terry sings, and as the music and voices build, so does the buoyancy of the message. Nevertheless, the musicians keep the drama at bay, rolling at an easy clip to let the lyrics do the heavy lifting.

“Why do I find I never go hungry?”  …It’s because you love me still

It has a nice piano ballad though more jazzy than some of the others. Lyrically, it’s about the strength of his faith. Terry has an excellent voice for this kind of track and this is one of his finest vocal performances on the album. Some of the notes he hits are simply stunning singing.  Apart from the faith-based lyrics it could almost be a track by Boys2men. ( I know, I’m dating myself here!) except it has a mid-tempo Rhythm & Praise anthem on which he and his background vocalists get into call-and-response mode to lavish praises on the Savior.

‘You Keep Giving Again’ is a very well crafted song that features the staples of his sound, managing to live up to its title with ease.

Overall, ‘A Songwriter’s Dream’ is an extremely well written and arranged album that display Terry’s abilities as a songwriter and producer, as well as a very fine vocalist. While his music is specifically aimed at inspiring those who share his faith, music is universal and anyone who simply likes listening to well crafted and performed soul, gospel and funk music will find much to enjoy here.

By Heather M. 

Music and Fashion Blogger

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