Sour Gods – It Aches “captures your attention effectively”

The depth and tone of the opening and leading riff throughout this track contrasts well with the lightness of the leading vocal. The bare and minimal nature of that introduction captures your attention effectively, and then as the music builds up for that hook section, there’s suddenly a power to the track, and yet it comes without the use of additional instrumentation or distortion. It’s really clever, great writing and a brilliantly executed approach. The energy of the track relies solely on the passion and power of the two elements – the guitar sound and the leading vocal.

There’s a touch of harmony in the form of an echo, a wash of reverb that brings about a vastness and adds to the effect a little, but for the most part you can tell that the whole thing would work if performed as powerfully and genuinely in a live, unplugged setting.


The musicality of the track actually has plenty of potential to be remixed or approached in a number of different ways. As the track evolves, the sounds collide and collaborate with each other, the vocal snippets build up, and the ambiance becomes something other worldly. Again, this has a little like a trip-hop or electronica vibe to it, suggesting further possibilities for expanding it’s reach. All of which is a sign of notable song writing and unique strength when performing.

You can easily listen to the track a few times in a row and not get tired of it. In fact there’s something new to be heard each time, as at first the overall sound of the notes, the melody, the space within the track, creates one thing, then later the lyrics grab your attention and it’s more than worth returning again to experience it in a different way.


By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.