Roc Nation’s Young Paris’ “Self-expression is very important, especially when dealing with African men,”” Video: ‘Best Of Me’ ft. Ben Bronfman

Young Paris’ latest release ‘Best Of Me’ is a strongly appropriate track to get new listeners introduced to his sound. The overall vibe has the kind of mellow-meets-upbeat bounce to it; somewhere in limbo, lifting your spirits but keeping you chilled. There’s a huge element of trip-hop to the music; the experimental nature of the backing track, the vocal effects, the hypnotic repetition of riffs and vocal parts. The music will grab hold of it’s audience with this general ambiance created by everything working well at once. The track has just enough melody used intermittently to really grab those remaining listeners who look for something to sing along with, and within that field of appeal, you also get to know the best of him as an artist; the character and the style presented throughout his music.

Young Paris was recently signed to Roc Nation, so if you’re just hearing him now, there’s likely to be a hell of a lot more to look forward to. As mentioned, this track is a great place to start. The music plays over you and takes away the strain of a long day, simply with those vibes, the laid back nature of the music and the vocal performances – that leading vocal is calm, which has a knock-on effect of being calming to listen to.

The style of the vocal when singing is very smooth and stylish, so this also adds to the appeal, and helps build a bigger picture of what Young Paris is all about. The video accompanying the track is hugely relevant and in keeping with the whole scene and the atmosphere that the music conjures up. Everything is well mixed, production wise, and there’s plenty of room for expansion – in terms of ideas, a more hyped up kind of release, a new angle. Now is definitely a good time to get involved.


By Rebecca Cullen