Rise The Artist “Joy” (featuring Demosthenes) “This is a brilliant piece of music “

This is a brilliant piece of music and writing with compelling performances throughout. The opening few bars of music present an easy going, jazz soaked hip-hop backdrop that holds a powerful contrast with the high energy of the hook and the enthusiastic optimism of those initial lyrics. It sets the song up well and the concept is awesome, easy to relate to and inspiring to witness.  It’s important that all genres of music touch on topics that inspire and motivate, equally important to do it in a way that sounds vibrant and powerful. This track has it all.

As the verses appear there’s more and more of the same sort of energy and a lot of passion and lyrical variety that adds to the effect of the overall track. There are some truly beautiful moments of poetry and power within the verses that offer honesty and strength of character. Everything is cleverly articulated and it’s a pleasure to listen to. The way in which the artists involved have fused unwavering confidence with an upbeat and joyful mood is infectious, the performances make you feel proud and hopeful, yet at the same time they make you want to fully listen – it’s the sort of rap performance you want to take seriously, but that you also want to just take and hold on to for whenever you may need it.

Listen to “joy” below:

Structurally it was a great idea in this case to open with the hook section, everything thereafter has an almighty strength that lingers in the air long after listening. Production wise the music and the vocals have been intertwined and effectively connected to give off this glistening work of art in which nothing really needs to be altered or replaced. It’s a great introduction and inspires hope in future releases from those involved.

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By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.

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