Richard Lynch – Cut & Paste “The melody of the track is immediately memorable”

Richard Lynch’s latest song features some beautiful instrumentation. The gentle presentation of the strings, the guitar, the lightness of the beat, all makes for an enjoyable and easy to listen to few minutes of country ballad. The sound of the strings in particular adds something really fresh and pleasant to the mix, a folk rock sort of twang, something that is further enhanced as the song progresses and the music and the intensity increase. The melody of the track is immediately memorable and easy to get into. The same goes for the artist’s leading vocal performance, the voice has a pleasant tone and a relevant level of confidence and passion that adds to the laid back warmth of the whole project.

The lyricism has taken a very direct approach in expressing the ways of the world right now, modern life, tech, social media, and everything that comes with all of this. It’s important to find something relevant to say in music, something that’s honest and relates to the current times, and country country music does often have a very literal approach to content – simplified, accessible language, clear cut imagery. However, in some cases it can be more effective to take a somewhat more metaphorical approach, taking a little more from the folk songwriting side of things, the poetry, rather than to make way through a list of modern life mediums.


On the other hand, the track has the sort of subject matter that is likely to make certain people who hear it smile, and this alone is something hugely valuable in music. The overuse of modern terms, the technology driven name-dropping, as it were, plays a big part in representing the pop-glow of this particular record, and of course it’s all the truth. In this respect it works well.


By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.

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