[Review] Social Circle – Changes “something completely new to obsess about”

This is a great song from a band who are stylishly and enjoyably bringing back the brightness and energy of indie soul and fusing it with something very smooth and relevant to today’s creatively free world of music. The moment the track begins there’s a touch of MJ or Prince about it, the passion in that leading vocal is a big part of that, as is the development of the melody, but there’s also a touch of retro instrumentation to the rhythm and bounce of the whole piece, the result of which is a hearty element of nostalgia as well as something completely new to obsess about and listen to on repeat.

The energy the band give off is the main thing that will grab you. The song presents something that is partly familiar, yet partly completely unknown. The lines approach the subject matter in an uncommon way, so there’s plenty to listen out for and to appreciate within the writing side of things. The accompanying video adds to this unusual, unpredictable element as well, and in some ways the melody – it’s one that occasionally veers off in a direction impossible to expect, yet it works, and you quickly get used to the progression.

Structurally there’s an effective contrast between the quieter moments and the full throttle explosive ones. The music dances around you and provides that essential escapism, but it also fills you with similar feelings of wanting to move. All the while, you get lost in the lyrics of it, the absolute and direct link to the swiping game, the inescapable maze of modern dating – it connects in a clever and light hearted way, yet never without passion. It sounds great and offers an infectious leading riff, definitely one for the long term playlist.

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing

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