[Review] Kolade Olamide Ayodeji – Living and Loving Each Other

This song takes the best parts of pop and dance music and combines it all in a smooth and exotic, easy to listen to release. The rhythm of the music has a certain high energy to it, but the overall ambiance of the track comes through as fairly mellow – hence the feeling of this being a smooth and even calming piece of music. The leading vocal part has a skill and softness that carries the melody and the emotion of the song brilliantly, almost subtle in it’s presentation of these ideas, but perfect for within this particular soundscape.

The synths chosen, namely that leading riff – the somewhat unique, characterful sound of that high pitched series of notes, makes for a signature moment that repeats just enough times throughout the recording. On top of this, the song’s hook, that certain section that repeats a little more intensely, is so minimalist, so simple in structure, yet effective in that it sinks in and stays with you almost instantly. So you get that pop element, that tune you can connect with and sing along to, and you also get the somewhat blissful ambiance of the soundscape in its entirety.

The smoothness of it all, of the mix, means that the vocal and that leading riff settle in beautifully with the surrounding instrumentation. The whole thing makes for an enjoyable ambiance that you can simply let play around you, revelling in the good energy, the positivity, the loving nature of the lyrics. This idea of life being precious, of love being everlasting, is something that always strikes a chord, with any type of audience even – regardless of genre. In terms of the song’s layout and build up, you’re kept involved throughout; the fall away and the return, the drop, makes for an ever appealing track.


By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing